Why Shower Steamers are the New Bath Bombs

Bath time is a sacred time. A special occasion. A moment of peace.

But what about shower time?

If you don’t live in a fairytale castle, have an entire team of butlers and maids waiting on you hand and foot, or a bathroom decorated entirely in pure gold and diamonds – then you most likely do NOT indulge in a bubble bath every single day.

For those of us who don’t have the luxury of soaking for an hour each day but still want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated – the answer to our prayers is finally here… shower steamers!

Photo by Chandler Cruttenden on Unsplash

Shower steamers are an easy everyday way to treat yourself to a self-care moment. Here’s an overview of shower steamers’ most important features and best uses for incorporating into any daily routine.

New Look, Same Great Feel

Unlike bath bombs – which are round and spherical – shower steamers are square. This flat-bottomed shape allows them to sit comfortably on the floor of your shower without rolling around and becoming a slip-hazard.

Shower steamers also stack adorably in your shower corner or shelf so that they’re within easy reach for daily use. Even better, Latika shower steamers are formulated to be mess-free, meaning they leave no gritty or slippery residue on your shower floor.

Aromatherapy Made Easy

Made of the same skin-nourishing ingredients as our beloved bath bombs, shower steamers release aromatherapy scents depending on your fragrance preferences or energetic needs.

Our all-natural essential oil blends are specifically formulated to either to help the body calm & prepare for rest – or refresh & invigorate the senses.

Make Self-Care Time for Anytime

No matter whether your are a morning shower or evening shower person – Latika shower steamers are formulated to integrate seamlessly with your schedule.

For a invigorating start to your day – try Uplift & Energize with Sweet Orange, Bergamot & Mint essentials oils to boost energy with bright citrus aroma.

To relieve congestion & tension – Breath & Release is formulated with Eucalyptus & Mint essential oils to provide Sinus relief and clear your nasal passage ways after a long night’s sleep.

For a zen moment while winding down for the evening – we recommend Relax & Focus featuring Lavender & Mint essential oils that help calm the mind.

So next time you find yourself stressed that you just couldn’t find the time for a bath in your week – no need to worry – grab a shower steamer and be transported to a peaceful moment.

We encourage you to find the shower steamer variety that fits your lifestyle so you can perfectly curate a relaxing shower experience. Feel free to reach us with any product use questions at info@latikabodyessentials.com!