Why are Geodes so popular?

Latika’s Geode bath bomb collection is turning out to be one of our most popular collections ever! and we think we know why…

Besides being SLS free, PH balanced, mess-free and ultra-moisturizing, here are five reasons to LOVE Latika’s Geode bath bombs:

1. They are larger than life! With approx 8 oz ea, and loaded with good oils and Shea butter to moisturize and nourish your skin. Each bath bomb contains five natural oils, including coconut, shea, sweet almond, avocado, and grapeseed oils, as well as Epsom salts to help soothe and relax!

2. They are hand decorated– We make the gold and copper color in house and brush it ever so delicately onto each bath bomb by hand. Yes, it is a very hard process (some might call it a bit over the top) but that’s exactly how we like our products- made with love and attention to the smallest of details. If it means we need to gently tap and brush them with gold, then this is what we do. And we enjoy every moment of it!

3. Its a combo of a bath bomb and bath salts! We use the best bath salts to enrich our geodes! From pink Himalayan salt to black salt and Epsom salts, these bombs aren’t just pretty- they have what it takes to take your relaxing bath to the next level!

4. They are inspired by geode crystals – we used the inspiration of real geode formations to create this line. The colors, design and even the scents were matched to the original stone and what it is known to inspire in the person holding it. 

5. They smell amazing! We selected each fragrance to work with the character of the geode, the color, and the design. We used complex blends and beautiful combinations. With this variety of different colors and scents, you are sure to find a bath bomb that will be the perfect inspiration for you! 

So, if you love being inspired by crystal energy- definitely give these bath bombs a try! They are sold individually or as a set!

Enjoy your self-care time!

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