When fashion meets function

Fun face masks you’ll WANT to wear!

Take Heart Masks™ is an Austin, TX company founded by veteran fashion designer, Linda Asaf.  The line was launched to help with the crushing global need for face masks due to the 2020 coronavirus.

These masks are stylish and functional – made with designer fabrics & trims plus quality spunbond polypropylene filtration material inside.  They are reversible, reusable, and eco-friendly too.  

You can buy Take Heart masks right here at our online shop! We are very happy to say that these masks really hold to their promise of comfort and quality!

Why we love Take Heart masks?

  1. They are easy to breathe in without compromising on filtration!Between two layers of cotton or cotton-blended fabric is a layer of spunbond polypropylene-which is the material most commonly used for mask filtration.  https://www.derekduck.com/page/90
  2. They have both adjustable nose strip and ear straps! Which is not easily found in other fabric masks!
  3. The designs are beautiful!
  4. They are hand made locally in Austin, Texas!
  5. They are reversible, reusable, and eco-friendly too! After each use, hand wash your Take Heart Mask in warm soapy water. Pat with a towel and hang to dry.  That’s all there is to it.

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*Take Heart Masks are not intended to be used as a surgical mask, for liquid barrier protection, or in a clinical setting.*