What is the Perfect Bath Bomb For You?

We know you’ve heard this from us before, but we LOVE bath bombs! Our bath bombs are the perfect gift to give a loved one or to treat yourself with! All of our bath bombs are hand-made and hand-decorated (With Love!) by the members of the Latika team in our Austin studio.

We make the bath bombs with rich, moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, avocado and almond oil, as well as special plant-derived ingredients, to prevent the bath bombs from staining or sticking to your tub. The next time you need to unwind, all you need to do is throw the bath bomb into a full tub and watch it dance across the water, releasing the moisturizing ingredients and relaxing scents. Then you can hop in and relax. Here are a few of our favorite bath bomb scents so you know what you are getting when you use a Latika bath bomb:

Suntans & Coconuts Bath Bomb:  

It may be cold out, but this bath bomb will turn your home into a beach paradise. It smells like pina coladas, long days at the pool and sand castles, and features notes of coconut, vanilla and musk. We then hand paint each Suntan & Coconuts bath bomb with bronze mica.



Mermaid Bath Bomb:  

Unfortunately, this bath bomb won’t turn you into a mermaid, but the smell is so magical that it will make you feel like one! The perfect antidote for those who are more whimsical, the Mermaid Bath Bomb is a fun light blue shade, sprinkled with purple sugars and topped with gold and red glitter. When you throw this bath bomb in the tub, it releases a delicious, sweet black raspberry, plum and vanilla scent.


Milk & Honey Bath Bomb: 

All of our bath bombs are great for relaxing and unwinding, but If you ever have a really bad day and need something to make you feel better, than this scent is for you! Here at Latika, we like to describe the Milk & Honey scent as a hug for your skin. The bath bomb is a simplistically beautiful peach color, and the top of each one is hand-painted with gold mica powder.


Lavender Bath Bomb: 

Our Lavender bath bomb is the other scent that is perfect for when you really want to relax. It is filled with, you guessed it, lavender, but also clary sage. Both of those scents have calming and soothing properties when they are inhaled, making this an extra relaxing bath bomb.  It is a cheerful purple color, with hand-painted gold accenting. The color and scent combination lead to a soothing, peaceful, and tranquil bath experience.


Guava Goji Berry Bath Bomb: 

While the last two scents are super soothing, the Guava Goji scent is fun and refreshing! It’s fruity fragrance is perfect for the summer and will leave you feeling fresh and sweet! This bath bomb is a fun coral color topped with gold glitter, creating a dazzling bath bomb show every time you use one! We use a special plant-derived ingredient to make sure that the bath bomb doesn’t stain your tub. Even though it is super fun and colorful, it will leave your bath looking good as new!


Those are just a few of our favorite scents! Which one was your favorite? Luckily, our bath bombs are just $6.50 a piece so you don’t have to choose just one! 

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