Vintage Soap Dish Obsession

As a soap maker, I think there is nothing that better compliments a good bar of soap then a beautiful soap dish.

I collect pretty soap dishes ever since I started making my soaps, and I always have an excuse to buy more (“we need them for a photo shoot”..)

Check out these beautiful dishes I found on Etsy- all vintage and gorgeous.


French Antique Enamel Soap Dish // Caroline Vintage

metal vintage soap dish

Vintage Ceramic Owl Soap Dish 1980s // Wylie Owl Vintage

owl soap dish

Milk Glass with Blue Flowers Soap Dish // Dutch Girl Vintage

milk glass soap dish

Antique Enamel Soap Dish Tub Caddy // Crol And Co

enamel soap dish

Vintage Brass Soap Dish // Take 2 Vintage

brass vintage soap dish

Claw Foot Bathtub Soap Dish // Hermit Hill Treasures

bath tub soap dish

How to choose a good soap dish for your natural bar soaps- 


Make sure you love how it looks 🙂


Make sure it is made of good materials that will not rust or discolor when exposed to water

To ensure your soap will last longer, I suggest using a soap dish with drain holes, to avoid leaving the soap in a puddle of water.

If your favorite soap dish has no holes, make sure you use a soap saver under your bar, and clean the dish every other day (drain the water and wash the soap residue off).

soap saver