The Ultimate Men’s Gift Guide

Buying gifts for my mother, sister and girlfriends is easy! I know that I can always get them a cute piece of jewelry, a new bottle of nail polish or some cool home decor. On the other hand, it is WAY harder to shop for men. There are so many things out there for the “girly girl”. Meanwhile, the only thing that most stores are marketing towards men are items that are related to sports or video games. Since I like to be a creative gift giver, I am always looking for gifts that are out of the ordinary. Here is a round-up of our favorite gifts to give the men in your life this holiday season!

Duffle Bag by Topo Designs 

This duffle bag is great for any man who  loves to travel and is always on the go!

This bag comes with shoulder straps, handles and backpack straps.

We love this because you can adjust how you carry your bag depending on where you are traveling.

We also love how it features pockets on both the inside and outside of the bag, perfect for storing little knick knacks you don’t want to lose or hiding a passport or money on the inside of the duffle.

The best part of the bag is that it is gender neutral, so even though we are technically listing it as a men’s gift, this bag is really a great piece for anyone and everyone!

Black Hatchet Beard Oil + Bar

Some of our favorite items here at Latika are from the Black Hatchet men’s line. The scents for Black Hatchet are more savory and earthier than our Latika line.

We decided to pair together two of our favorite Black Hatchet products, the beard oil and bar soap, to make an awesome gift set for men.

When you order this gift set, you get to choose between three scents- Bear Whisperer, Grit and Hunter.

Bear Whisperer features a woodsy scent with notes of rosemary, eucalyptus, and spruce. Grit is a fresh scent that instantly makes you feel clean, with a blend of tea tree, mint and patchouli essential oils. Last, but not least, the Hunter scent is a fruity but savory blend with pine, sage and grapefruit. Get your man the Black Hatchet Bear Oil + Bar gift set so he will  be fresh and smelling great all winter long!


Candles by Sydney Hale Co.

A common misconception is that candles are girly. People who say that obviously haven’t tested out any of the many, great, savory candles out there.

Grab a bunch of different scents from Sydney Hale Co. and give them out as a stocking stuffer to all of your cousins, uncles and brothers!

Some of our favorites are Woodsmoke + Amber, Tobacco + Sandalwood and Bergamot + Black Tea.




Carry On Cocktail Kits by W&P Design

This gift is one of my personal favorites and it is another item that is really great for anyone who loves to travel.

These cocktail kits are super fun and come in 6 flavors.

If you really love your friend, don’t just get them one, get them the whole set!




Socks by Stance

When I came up with this holiday gift guide I wanted to avoid the men’s gift cliches of sports, video games and comics.

There is something for everyone by this brand so it is impossible to go wrong.

Have fun browsing!





That rounds up our men’s holiday gift guides–Happy Holidays!

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