Tips for finding your perfect candle scent

Guest Blog: Feya Candle Co

Creating the perfect ambiance at home is an important part of your daily routine – and can reflect the type of day ahead of you. In 2020 we are spending more time at home than we ever have before, and an atmosphere that is perfect for you is incredibly important. 

The power of the scent you choose can have an effect on your mood and can make an impact on your day. While each of our scents smell amazing – certain scents will fit you best. 

Experiencing stress or anxiety? Try these scents: 

  • Bergamot & Grapefruit: Reduces stress and anxiety, natural energizer and mood booster
  • Lavender: reduces stress, creates a calm natural environment, helps in the aid of rest and sleep
  • Sandalwood: decreases stress, creates a connection to the natural world around you

Need a boost for a productive day? Try these scents: 

  • Sage & Lemongrass: cleanses your mind, and your body, helps bring clarity and simplicity
  • Sage & Cinnamon: stimulating and riveting, gets you ready to take on the day
  • White Tea & Ginger: aids in a well functioning system, helps with clarity and productivity

Ready to have some fun and take on the world? Try these scents: 

  • Pear Spice:  sweet, spicy, calm and brilliant, for the days when you just need to be it all
  • Black Oak Currant: bold and beautiful, brings about the confidence you need to take on the world
  • Caribbean Salsa: Lifts the spirits and aids in relaxation and happiness

Take our smell quiz below to find which scent fits you best based on your personality! 🙂 

Here are a few of our team’s favorite scents from Feya Candle Co, discover all Feya scents here.


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