The story behind Black Hatchet™

6 years ago, my wife Mazzi and I started Latika, our brand of higher-end, natural, cruelty-free, handmade bath and body products.
The idea behind Black Hatchet grew when we realized how few high-quality body care lines were offered to men. As a guy, I wanted to have a bar soap that was big, would last a while, and had the best ingredients I could get my hands on. We decided to use a glycerin-based natural soap and add our unique essential oil blends, along with our ‘secret ingredient’ (activated bamboo charcoal), which runs a detox on skin. It also gives Black Hatchet its bold, black signature color.
Our bar soaps and body washes as well as beard oil and all-purpose balms, are all small-batch manufactured at Latika’s Austin facility (aka “The Suds Lab”). We use zero harmful ingredients like SLS (a harsh detergent) or parabens (a cheap preservative), and everything is hand-poured, cut, stamped and packaged by our Latika team.
Black Hatchet’s slogan “Keep Clean, Stay Rough” means you can be your manly self and still enjoy high-end body care made from really good stuff!
We hope you will enjoy the line and feel free to get in touch and tell us about your experience.

Keep clean, Stay rough!
Erez Peled, Founder
Black Hatchet
by Latika Body Essentials