Steps to a Simpler Skin Care Routine

Even on the busiest days, washing your face is a must! The soothing action of taking care of your skin can help you relax and brings your skin back to life. Simplify your skincare routine with our natural products, and your skin will thank you!

STEP 1: Wash yo face!
Designed to keep your face clean and healthy, our Face Cleansing Bar contains elements that help fight acne and infections with natural ingredients. Enriched with tea tree essential oil, pure honey and turmeric powder, this mild cleanser won’t strip your face of its natural oil balance. 

STEP 2: Moisturize.
Once your face is clean, use our Organic Face Cream to help repair, renew and re-hydrate your skin! This lightweight moisturizer contains aloe, organic herbal extracts and oils, and more to provide a safe and unscented way to sooth your skin. 

STEP 3: Hydrate
Drinking water is the simplest way to make sure your skin stays clear and hydrated. Try and drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses a day. 

Optional: Don’t neglect the lips!
Your lips are incredibly sensitive, and deserve to be pampered. Use one of our natural lip care balms regularly and incorporate our lip scrub into your daily routine at least twice a week for a soft, smooth feeling! 

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