Spring Sweets + Treats

We are so excited for Spring, which means it is time for us to switch over our dessert menu. In the winter we like to treat ourselves with hot cocoa, rich chocolate cakes and cookies fresh out of the oven. In the spring and summer, though, we like to switch our desserts up to things that are a little bit lighter and fresher. We love fruit parfaits, tarts and anything that has lemon in it! Here are a few of our favorite spring dessert recipes that are great for when you entertain, holidays or whenever you feel like you need a little sugar-filled pick-me-up!

Lemon-Orange Chiffon Cake:  

When it is cold out, my go to for decedent, indulgent desserts is anything with chocolate. In the summer, I still like to satisfy my sweet tooth, but I tend to retire chocolate for the season. This recipe is great because it is still rich and filling, but brings in some refreshing citrus flavors which is perfect for the warmer weather. Plus, the floral garnishes are ideal ‘spring’ addition to this dessert.

Photo From Southern Living


Easter Bunny Cake:

Gingerbread Houses are probably my favorite holiday desserts because they are so much fun to make. I love decorating them more than I love to eat them. Easter has it’s own novelty desserts, and this Bunny Cake may be my new favorite because it is cute and delicious! Get creative with your bunny cake and customize it to fit your own vision–make the bunny pastel pink, change the flavor of the batter, or give your creation a silly face.  This recipe will be sure to give Gingerbread Houses a run for their money.

Photo From Easter Bunny

Salted Chocolate Matzo Toffee:

We wanted to include some of our favorite Passover recipes as well. You may think that Passover desserts won’t taste good because they can’t be made with flour, but if you have the right recipes, your desserts can still taste great! This toffee recipe is one of my favorites–and trust me, once you try it, you’ll be wanting to make it year round–not just during the holiday season.  This rich, chocolatey dessert is the perfect mix of sweet and salt. The three step recipe is super easy to make and only takes an hour. When you taste it, you won’t believe that something so delicious is made from Matzah.

Photo from My Recipes

Passover Apple Cake:

This Passover recipe is another classic and we love it because if you are keeping Passover, it helps to satisfy that craving for cake! It is a nice, refreshing dessert filled with fruits and desserts. Passover Apple Cake is not as addictive as the toffee, but it is a delicious classic. This is a great option for when you need to entertain for large groups; think first Seder!

Photo from The Daily Meal

What are you favorite spring desserts? There are so many delicious options out there that we hate having to narrow it down to just a few. We would love to hear about your favorite recipes and why you love them!