Skincare 101 – Top 3 things to do for your skin (and self!)

Great skin starts with a good attitude and an open mind, right?

We encourage everyone to learn more about skincare and know how your skin works so that you can select the best products to compliment YOU.

If you are new to skincare and not sure where to start, consider these three essentials:

*We are keeping this as simple as possible here. Please send us questions by email, or on our IG!

1. Gentle cleanser

Clean your face every night with a cleanser that won’t be too aggressive and won’t throw your balance off.

Keep it simple with a gentle soap (without SLS, natural or organic)and as you get more into skincare, you can explore other cleansing methods.

2. Moisturizer

Find the right moisturizer for your skin. A safe, soothing, and rich formula is a great option. Fragrance-free is always a great choice for face products. Try a couple and find one you feel good wearing every morning and every night.

At Latika, we offer a gentle face cleansing bar – a natural, gentle but powerful soap, with ingredients that help obtain clear healthy glow and don’t dry the skin. We also offer a wonderful organic, fragrance-free moisturizer. If you want to give them a try, check out the discount below↙

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3. SPF!

Never skip wearing sunscreen! The best investment in your future skin is wearing SPF now! Try different brands until you find one you like, and wear it over your moisturizer, and under your makeup.


I’ve tried and loved using Think Sport– both for myself (they have a tinted one), for the kiddo’s (Think baby) and every day one (Think sport). We buy the large tubes and just use SPF whenever we go outside- gardening, pool, hikes- whenever! and also every day for me under my makeup, over my moisturizer.

I am also using Cera-V spf 50. I find it to be non-greasy (you know i hate the greasy feel from products;), non irritating but it does have a heavy white cast on my skin, that shows through makeup.

I have heard a lot of great things about Super Goop but have yet to try for myself. Here are links for all three, for your convenience (these are not affiliate links).

Starting with these three things: CLEANSE + MOISTURIZE + SPF is a great start to keeping your skin healthy and glowing!

Ask us any questions! We want to help guide you to your best skincare routine!

❤ Mazzi

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