Skincare for beginners

Skincare 101: the bare essentials

As the owner of a skincare company, I am always asked by friends and family about how they can build their own skincare for beginners’ routines. They’re so curious about skincare – from using the right techniques and the best products – but are also overwhelmed by the amount of information out there.

Not sure where to start? Here’s your guide to the bare essentials of skincare for beginners!

Each week we’ll be building on these 3 basic principles, going in-depth about each step and recommending products for specific skin issues like dryness, excessive oil, adult acne, and more.

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The number one question I get as a skincare company owner is,

“I want to start a skincare routine, but all of the guides and products out there are overwhelming. What are your most basic skincare tips?”

That’s why I decided to share this series exploring the 3 essential parts of skincare – a simple, accessible, and intuitive approach to understanding and enjoying the skin you’re in!

This growing guide of content should act like a “little library” for your skincare basics so that you can build your own personalized routine. No need to take intense notes – our Skincare 101 is a mixture of common sense and skin wisdom that I and other skin-thusiasts have explored while creating high-quality all-natural products.

Let’s get sk-in to it!

Before You Start

Skincare is a self-care journey

Whenever you choose to start a skincare routine, you’re choosing to invest time in yourself. The very act of skincare requires you to look at and engage with yourself in a compassionate way.

Knowing this is one of the most important steps, as skincare requires patience and time with yourself. You may find you need to change up your habits and products to get the results you desire – that’s totally normal!

Whether you’re maintaining your skin as it is, or treating issues – we hope to impart some skincare FUN-damentals while teaching the value of ingredients.

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Skincare steps: Cleanse

No fruit juice necessary for this step

Cleansing your skin is the first step in building a clean canvas for you to apply active ingredients.

More than just washing with water, cleansing is a multi-step process in itself. We’ll walk you through our recommendations for a gentle and mild cleanser that won’t dry out or be abrasive to your face.

More experienced skincare aficionados might enjoy learning about double-cleansing with oil-based products.

Additionally, we’ll teach you the appropriate technique for applying, distributing, and massaging your cleanser before rinsing and air-drying your face.

Skincare steps: Moisturize

Restore hydration and balance to your skin

This is the fun part of skincare! In this step, you get to experiment with serums & essences that reinvigorate the skin and target specific skin issues.

Or if you’re wanting to stick to basics, we will recommend the most simple, effective, and nourishing moisturizers that you can use every day!

Keep in mind your goals, your scent preferences, and your budget before diving head first into choosing a moisturizer.

Latika + Black Hatchet moisturizers are clean ingredients, fully organic, matte finish, lightweight, soothing yet very rich!

Skincare steps: Apply (and reapply) SPF

Protect yourself from sun rays all-day

Perhaps one of the most important steps of this entire process is applying SPF (sun protective factor). UVA/UVB light from the sun is one of the most damaging elements to our skin and can cause:

  • discoloration and hyperpigmentation (sun spots)
  • wrinkles and fine lines
  • melanoma and skin cancer

We’ll dive into what types of SPF you should be using, how and where to apply it, and how often you should reapply. (update: our SPF article is now live)

Protect your skin and it will thank you!

Up Next Week: Let’s Cleanse!

We’ll be hopping right into the basics of cleansing, with step-by-step tutorials and product recommendations. Stay tuned for guest skin experts like dermatologists and estheticians who share their advanced tips on skincare once you’ve mastered the basics of Latika’s Skincare 101.

we hope this skincare for beginners series helps take away some of the overwhelm from all the sea of information out there… If there are specific questions you have about skincare that you would like us to answer in future editions – feel free to contact us!