Self-Care with Essential Oils

As a beauty professional and wellness enthusiast, I am constantly excited by natural self-care solutions. Essential oils have become an effective and meaningful self-care routine of mine that I love sharing with my clients. Here are some of my favorite recommendations for incorporating natural essential oil practice into your beauty & wellness regimen.

“Hands down the most important factor when it comes to oils is choosing the purest in quality.”

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The vast majority of essential oils have multiple ways they can support our bodies and can be an excellent way to practice self care. Basically the lifeblood of the plant, each one possesses a different frequency. A higher frequency encourages our body to regenerate damaged cells, build a higher immune defense and sustain energy vitality. They can also provide anti aging properties as well as emotional support.

Hands down the most important factor when it comes to oils is choosing the purest in quality, which creates the safest and most effective results. Starting with just a few drops diluted with a carrier oil (jojoba, coconut oil, or sweet almond oil to name a few) is a great way to ease into using them topically.

Oils can be used throughout the day

  • Every morning I use Frankincense on my face and neck for healthy glowing skin.
  • I roll Thieves, a blend of oils to boost the immune system, on my feet and spine and a bit of Progessence Plus (a natural form of progesterone found in wild yams) over my abdomen for happy hormones.
  • When I’m feeling down, I drop a few drops of citrus oils into my diffuser and instantly feel the bright aroma lifting my spirits.
  • Taking a bath? A few drops of Lavender along with a Latika bath bomb creates an atmosphere of total zen.
  • Bedtime isn’t the same without my diffuser pumping some sort of spruce oil with Patchouli. I truly have never slept better than I do with these little bottles of plant juice. My toddler nieces also sleep sweeter with a few drops of lavender diffusing near their beds.

These have become a part of my everyday life and are such an easy way to curate a healthy home. They are amazing for all ages and can even be used safely during pregnancy. Happy to help anyone who is interested in learning more and getting these incorporated into their wellness routine!

Bethany Elyse Hair & Makeup was created in 2015 in The Woodlands, Texas and has been growing ever since. Bethany is a licensed session hair stylist and makeup artist based out of Austin, Texas. She worked behind the chair for Toni&Guy where she received advanced education by the industry’s best in platform artistry, haircutting, styling and makeup. For a number of years, Bethany served her local teams as a cutting, styling and makeup educator for the company in both Austin and Houston before embarking on her own journey as the small business owner of Wander Salon.

She has played a role in the wedding industry since 2009, with her work featured in The Knot Magazine, Southern Bride and online publications such as Desiree Hartstock Bridal, Sugar & Cloth, and Destination I Do. Find her on Austin’s preferred vendor list on The Knot, Facebook, and Instagram.

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