California white sage stick – smudge bundle


  • white sage smudge sticks to help purify your space and bring calm and blessings to your life.
  • burning California white sage bundle is a wonderful way to cleanse a new or existing space.
  • drive away negative energy and restore a renewed sense of wellness and balance into your sacred space.
  • California white sage has a long history of cleansing and ritual use. native Americans consider this a metaphysical cleansing purifying plant. they used it to cleanse areas of negative energies. today people use white sage to cleanse their homes, sacred space, altars, ritual areas, ritual tools, and gemstones.
  • in addition to its spiritual purification properties, it is also believed by many to assist in attracting both prosperity and wisdom.
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If you purchase this product you will earn 6-15 Points!
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California white sage stick – smudge bundle

  • our white sage (salvia apiana) is grown on a small farm in southern California and is sustainably harvested.
  • each sage smudge stick is hand-picked, dried, and carefully tied using only the highest quality California white sage.
  • bright and vibrant dried rose petals are wrapped around the sage.
  • our fragrant sage burns well and smells fantastic.
  • picked and carefully tied with cotton string by artisan hands in Southern California.


  • the ancient practice of burning dried sage for cleansing has roots in Native American tradition. shamans burned sage over a fire to cleanse people of negativity and promote healing, wisdom, and longevity.
  • sage belongs to the salvia plant family and is derived from the Latin word salvere, which means “to heal.” aside from the metaphysical uses of smudging, research is showing that sage can also be used to benefit physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • traditionally, people use an abalone shell to hold the sage and then use a feather to fan and spread the smoke around the space once the sage is burning.

See our instructions tab for more details on how to use a sage smudge stick.

Weight 3 oz
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– use it at your own risk.
– to prevent fire, burn sage within sight, never leave unattended or near anything that can catch fire.
– keep out of reach of children or pets.
– place on a stable heat-resistant surface.
– leave windows/doors open to allow airflow in the room.
– use caution when fire/smoke is involved.
– do not directly inhale large amounts of smoke, and ensure the sage remains a safe distance from your body.
– if you have long hair, pull it back in a bun.
– don't forget to extinguish the sage once you've finished smudging.


– includes (1) smudge stick.
– sizes: 4" to 9" (regular: 4". JUMBO: 9")
– made of California white sage.


1. hold the sage bundle at a 45-degree angle and ignite with a lighter or candle.

2. let it burn for a few seconds before lightly blowing the flame out.

3. waft the smoke around your home to clear surrounding energies and invite peace and positivity into your space.

4. when finished, place the sage bundle in a bowl with the ignited tip down. It will put itself out.

5. to lengthen the burn time, blow on the embers.

– read the warning tab before use.
– see our instructions tab for more details on how to use a sage smudge stick.

how to use sage smudge stick

how to sage your house to clear negative energy.

  1. preparation; gather your tools and open an airway path

ensure you have all the necessary tools handy and that you have opened a door or window before lighting up. after all, that negativity (not to mention smoke) needs to have a pathway to get out.

here is what you will need to get started:

  • a vessel for burning sage (small bowl or large seashell)
  • sage
  • a fire source (such as a long match or candle)
  • a fanning tool could be helpful if you need to cover a large area such as a home or office.
  1. set your intention and say a mantra.

take a moment before you light the sage to determine what exactly it is that you are trying to purify or release from your space. then, decide on a mantra to repeat while saging that encapsulates this intention. it can be something you come up with on your own, or for a little guidance, Giselle Wasfie, doctor of Chinese medicine and founder of REMIX Acupuncture & Integrative Health, suggests, “I let go and release what no longer serves me.”

  1. light up

before burning, open the doors or windows

once you’re ready, hold the sage at a 45-degree angle, light the end of the sage bundle with a match or candle, and let it burn for about 20 seconds (blow it out quickly if it catches on fire). after that, gently blow out the flame so you see orange embers on one end. the smoke should now billow up.

  1. slowly walk around your space.

the tips should smolder slowly, releasing thick smoke. slowly walk around your space and allow the smoke to waft around. guide the smoke—and the bad energy—toward the open windows or a door, so it can escape.

give special attention to areas in front of mirrors, in corners, and in spaces like foyers, hallways, and doorways, and technology like our phones or laptops.

allow the ash to collect in a ceramic bowl or shell. the resulting smoke smudges need about an hour to cleanse the air in the room and the properties in the smoke to kill most of the existing bacteria in the air. burning sage is said to be safe for both kids and pets.

  1. be safe!

always stay present! if you see little embers fall on the ground, tamp them out immediately. never let the burning sage stay unattended for any reason. take care not to inhale the smoke.

  1. extinguish your sage

once you are ready to extinguish a sage smudge stick, press the burning tip firmly into your fireproof vessel, dirt, or sand until the smoke no longer rises. pro tip: Don’t get it wet! Don’t use water to extinguish the hot embers—it will ruin the tip of the stick and make it harder to light next time. when you are done using the smudge stick, you can keep it in a vessel until you are ready to use it again.

burning sage should be done with intention, reverence, and deep gratitude to those who did it before us.

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My friend introduced me to Latika as a gift and it's been a blessing.
We love the white sage & shower bombs. The shower bombs are new to us as we always use bath bombs, but just as refreshing.

So relaxing and smells wonderful

I shipped these to my niece in Florida at her request. She is addicted to your products.


I initially bought these as a gift for a friend and she raved about them so much that I bought them for myself. I’m happy to say that they live up to my high expectations.

Love Latika!

The shower steamers smell amazing and are perfect when you don't have time for a long bath but still need a little luxury in your life. All Latika products are very high quality.

Long lasting, good smelling

These last forever! No more immediate disintegrating down the drain. And they smell great!
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