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one of the best self-care activities you can do for your body and soul is taking a warm bath. combine that with aromatherapeutic essential oils and beneficial ingredients such as bath salts, powders, or herbs and you get a highly beneficial way to spend your time. relaxing, while assisting your body and mind unwind and reset.
that includes using soaks such as bath bombs, bath melt, bath salts, or skin-soothing bath milk.

some of the benefits of using a bath soak are:

• dips in the tub are known for their mind-easing feel. especially when adding an aromatherapy experience that can assist in calming down, finding focus and energy, or simply enjoying a favorite scent.
• moisturizing is even more effective after soaking in a warm bath. especially when using a moisturizing soak such as bath melt/bath bomb)
• skin-soothing benefits are high when taking a warm bath, especially when using skin-soothing ingredients such as coconut milk, oat colloidal, oils, and Epsom salt.

Latika offers many options for a relaxing and pampering bath! explore our range of relaxing and powerful salts, soaks, and powders. from salt soaks to bath melts to colorful bath bombs. with ingredients such as dry flowers, clay, cocoa, shea butter, essential oils, and even melatonin and vitamin c!