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Handmade bar soaps are our specialty at Latika. Our entire selection of bars is made with natural, plant-based glycerin and oils. Each soap has a story behind it and a reason for our choice of scent, color, and additives we use.

We aim to provide natural, skin-purifying solutions that not only smell great but also benefit your skin, that is why Olive grove bar contains detoxifying sea clay and olive leaf extract, Milk and Honey soap is made with real oats for gentle and skin-loving exfoliation, and our Facial bar contains a lot of honey, turmeric and one of our favorites; Tea tree essential oil.

Our bar soaps are hand-cut, stamped and packaged in our Austin, TX facility and weigh 4.5-5 oz. each. Our soap is chock-full of moisture, thanks to its high glycerin content, as a result, they all clean thoroughly with a creamy lather that leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished.