Potted Plants Dad Will Dig: Awesome Repurposed Planter Ideas for Father’s Day

Photo by Cool Material

In need of a last minute gift for dad? Try a fun gardening project that the two of you can do together this Father’s Day weekend! Using everyday objects from around the house, you two can create quirky and useful planters, perfect for growing flowers, herbs and succulents. Check out these ideas below for inspiration, grab your gear and your dad and get growing!

1. Tool box

Dad doesn’t need to be a professional to get his hands dirty with this gardening project! Your old hard-shell briefcase, tool box or lunch box will be back in business when packed with these bright succulents.


2. Tires

Get even more mileage out of your old car, bike or RV tires by turning them into hanging flower beds for your shed or fence. Tires are ideal because they’re sturdy while easily punctured to drain water – and provide a little cover shade above!


3. Textbooks

You probably don’t still need that thick, heavy Organic Chemistry textbook from college – but it could be the perfect educational opportunity for a smart little succulent. Carving out the pages is a bit tedious but soon enough you’ll have the perfect indentation for your plants to start their own story.


4. Shells

Remember those souvenir you brought home from your most recent family beach vacation? Help them shine with some coastal vegetation planted in sand, small pebbles and even decorative sea glass.


5. Work boots

Don’t give those old shoes the boot just yet! Your favorite worn out pair can be the perfect holder for some flowering herbs and greenery. Don’t worry, they shouldn’t run off any time soon.


6. Belts

Fasten yourself together this nifty hanging plant shelf out of two worn leather belts and two wooden spice racks. This minimalist DIY is perfect for organizing a plant propagation station or some delicate crawling ivy.


7. Tea & coffee cans

Save your brightly colored tea tins for herb planters on your kitchen window sill where they’ll get tons of natural light. Choose hearty plants like chives, cilantro and dill that you can snip and add to your cooking!


8. Step ladder

Does your garden game need a lift? Try using that rickety old unsafe-for-people step ladder as an elevated shelf for plants. You can also hang hooked planters from the counterweight side for even more space.


Happy Father’s Day!

Alright, I guess you can hang your hat up on this list of repurposed planters. All kidding aside, thanks for not turning green from all these dad jokes.

Wishing you everyone a wonderful holiday weekend!