Plant DIY Kits

We have been seeing a new trend around lately that we wanted to share with you: DIY plant kits.  As we have mentioned before, we love house plants, and as a company that makes our products from scratch, we love anything that allows us to get hands-on. That’s what makes these DIY plant kits so unique and awesome! At the end of the day, you have herbs or veggies to use when you cook, or flowers to decorate your home or garden.

These DIY projects are a perfect activity to do at an outdoor summer party or with your children on a rainy day. They also make cute decor for your kitchen. Here are a few of the best planter kits that we have come across:

Eco Seed Starter Kit:  

Modern Sprout makes some of our favorite DIY plant kits. Their packaging and branding is super cute, so your future plants can double as attractive kitchen decor. This specific seed starter kit comes in a pack of three which  makes it the perfect gift. These eco seed kits make planting veggies super simple. They start growing in the provided jars and once they get bigger, you can easily move them outside to your garden in the provided biodegradable pots.

photo from ModSprout

Pizza Garden:

The most fun plant kit on this list has to be the Pizza Garden by Backyard Safari Company. Their plant kits are kind of quirky, helping you grow the herbs and veggies to make your favorite foods, plus they include the recipes to complete the job! The Pizza kit is our favorite because–pizza is the best–duh.  It comes with seeds for basil, tomatoes, green bell pepper, oregano, parsley and scallions. Some of the other super cool kits that this company makes are their Cocktail Garden and Salsa Garden.

photo of Backyard Safari Company

Herb Fish Tank

Get rid of your basic fish bowl with this 2-in-1 fish tank, planter. This cool little aquaponics fish tank uses the symbiotic relationship between the water and the plants to reduce water changes. The fish waste fertilizes the plants while the plants clean the water. The fish tank comes with everything you need to get started, including a coupon to buy a Beta fish! The company that makes these dual use tanks make a bunch of other fun products. Check them out.

picture from Back to the Roots

Micro Green Kits:

Microgreens are the trendiest way to get your veggie intake. These veggies are easy to make and the set up only takes a few minutes. The results are amazingly quick too–your microgreens should be ready to eat in only 7-10 days.  The company,Hamama, makes this process simple to navigate with their easy to make kits and subscription seed service.

Hamama instagram

If you’ve used a plant kit, let us know how it went for you and what your favorite brand is. We would love to see pictures of your plant babies!