Nurturing Minds Together: Mental Health Day with Latika 🌿

In a world filled with countless products and endless choices, the values and intentions behind a brand matter more than ever. At Latika, our commitment goes beyond skin-deep.

While we celebrate the joys of rejuvenating baths and invigorating body care, we equally emphasize the deeper connections and causes that resonate with all of us.

This Mental Health Day, we’re not here to promote products but to stand alongside you, affirming the importance of mental well-being. We recognize the challenges many face and want to use our platform to genuinely connect and emphasize the importance of taking moments for self-reflection, understanding, and care.

This week, Any order placed on our website will add to our contribution to the World Federation for Mental Health

Your mental health matters today and every day. Let’s continue to support one another, share stories, and foster a community where well-being takes center stage.


Mazzi Peled,

Founder & CEO at Latika Beauty