November Birthday Picks

If you know a true Scorpio, born between October 23rd and November 21st, you probably know that the Scorpio personality is often misunderstood due to their intensity and their tendency to be harsh.

However, Scorpios are extremely emotional and crave intimacy. They have a powerful presence and demanding personalities, and their penchant for mystery is what makes them one of the most interesting signs. (source)

So, be your Scorpio selves or embrace the Scorpio in your life, and remember that they’re going places. we matched this sign with fresh minty blends in our products, plus the pink topaz to match the birthstone. we hope you’ll enjoy it! November’s birthstone is Citrine and Topaz.

Don’t forget our exclusive birth month flower shower steamer – Chrysanthemum– only at Uncommon Goods.

Birthday Blooms

For Scorpios who value personal growth and blooming in their own way, try this limited edition birth month shower steamer collab with Uncommon Goods.

November’s featured flower blend, Chrysanthemum, is composed of Frankincense and Orange essential oils which transforms your shower into a heaven-scented, mood-transforming spa.

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