Moon Energy Rituals Guide

Guest post: Shay Spaniola from Bunglo

Hi! I’m Shay, I’m the owner of Bunglo, a home decor company that features my hand-painted textile designs on fabric and pillows – sold exclusively at Anthropologie. I’m a busy mamma-preneuer and love helping mamma’s with big dreams build brands, companies, and sustainable systems so they can have more freedom to be with their little(s) and focus on their passions!

Moon Power

The moon is a powerful force. If the moon controls the tides and waters of the world, why wouldn’t it control us? Especially since we’re made of the same amount of water as the earth? Makes you think!

Using the new and full moon energy can be potent in helping you cultivate a vibrant life that aligns with your dreams.

How To Utilize a Full Moon

The full moon is a time to honor your manifestations. To see clearly what has come into your life and what you’re ready to let go of. When the moon is fully illuminated in bright light, it’s like a flashlight shining down on our shadows. It’s a time to reflect and revise goals, dreams, and wishes. It’s a time to cleanse our auras, our crystals – it’s a good time to clean our homes and rearrange our action plans and physical spaces. 

In Times of a Dark Moon

When the moon is dark, the time of the new moon is the time to plant our seeds. According to the farmers almanac, the darkest night of the full moon is the best time to dig and plant seeds, and the full moon is the time of harvest. These are principles of nature and science and can be used with our emotions and manifestations. The new moon is a beautiful time to get clear on what it is we want to welcome into our lives, to set new goals, visions and create new rituals to allow them to enter. 

Supercharge Your Goals

Together with the energies of the new and full moon, we can supercharge our goals, intentions, and manifestations with this free, natural energy. Using the ritual guides below, you can follow the new and full moon intention setting sheets. 

As a busy mamma-preneur, I struggle to find the time and space to work on myself. Yet when I find myself pushing all of my goals and energy work aside, my personal life begins to struggle. My relationships hold tension, I feel frustrated and overwhelmed. So I find taking a night to myself every new and full moon is so important.

With October having two full moons, one being on the 1st and the other on the 31st (starting and closing the month) – this is an intense month for shifts in energy and extra important for taking that time to work on yourself. 

What I do for my full moon ritual:

  1. Put the baby to bed and make sure the house is clean so I can fully relax!
  2. Draw a bath and add Epsom salt, lavender oil, and Latika geode bath bombs
  3. Burn sage and imagine releasing what is no longer serving me
  4. Light a candle for my intention
  5. Use my favorite Latika products to give myself a little extra care – like their sugar lip scrub which has been my favorite for years!! 
  6. If I’m feeling up to it, I cleanse my crystals in saltwater under the full moon

How do you practice ritual in your daily life?

Thank you Shay for inspiring us to supercharge our intentions with moon energy and self care!

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