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A mother-daughter business duo uplifting other woman-owned companies with self-care experiences.

We all know that working with family can be a challenge, no matter what industry. What you might not know is that family-owned businesses are the backbone of our country – just by the numbers!

There are 5.5 million family businesses in the United States. Family-owned businesses contribute 57% of the GDP and employ 63% of the workforce (Family Enterprise USA, 2011). That means family-owned businesses employ over 98 million people!

One of these family-owned business that inspires us is the invention of mother, Pam Chin, and daughter Trudy Armand of HER-MINE Box, a curated women’s self-care lifestyle subscription box that unites and highlights incredible products by female-founded companies. More than a business, HER-MINE is a testament to the bonds of family and honors one especially dear relative whose life mission was to make her community a greener and better place to live.

The Origins of HER-MINE

HER-MINE was founded byin the loving memory of Pam’s baby sister, Hermine Ricketts-Carroll, who is remembered as an architect, artist, scientist, and gardening guru. Remarked Trudy of her aunt Hermine, “She was a beautiful soul who often comforted us by saying, “Woo, woo, woo” – her catchphrase of calming encouragement.” Hermine and her husband Tom made international news fighting to gain back the right to plant an organic vegetable garden in their yard which had to be torn out due to a local law change. This went on for 6 long years and even though Hermine was battling illness, she continued the fight against injustice. Gardening was her self-care.   

July 1, 2019, just one month before Hermine passed away, she and her husband won the battle. The Governor of Florida had finally signed a law that stopped local bans on vegetable gardens on residential property. Hermine and Tom’s fight against injustice changed the circumstances for so many because they deeply believed in beauty, love, and self-care. 

You can read more about the life & legacy of Hermine Ricketts-Carroll and her fight to preserve her front yard garden here.

Hermine’s spirit, unconditional love, and “Woo, woo, woo”  go into every box of comfort sent out. Each HER-MINE Self Care Lifestyle Box is beautifully graced with a butterfly which was so dear to her. 

Hermine was a fierce supporter of women’s issues. She is known as a trailblazer for being the only black female architect in Florida during the 80’s. In this spirit, HER-MINE supports women-owned businesses as their primary partners. 

Family Talk: An interview with founders Trudy & Pam

Here at Latika Body Essentials, we are also a proud female-founded company, and one of the many handmade products featured in HER-MINE boxes. We’re inspired by their mission and so curious to know more about the magic that makes their family business work! Read more below in our exclusive conversation with Trudy Armand and her mother, Pam Chin.

Tell us what it is like working together as a mother-daughter team.
HER-MINE: We trust each other implicitly and allow each other to do what we do best. Trudy is creative and great at building relationships and Pam is great at strategic planning and finances. We also genuinely enjoy each others company.

What life lessons has your mother taught you that have influenced your company? 
Trudy: My mom has taught me incredible work ethic. She demonstrates amazing resiliency, courage, and focus. I strive every day to practice the lessons she has taught me. 

How do you practice self-care?
Trudy: Although I am working at making more time for myself, I do practice meditation every day and try to take at least one long luxurious bath per week. It’s the perfect opportunity

Allow your children to follow their own paths, even if it is contrary to where and what you envision for them. They will ultimately be more successful and happier doing what they are passionate about.

Pam (left) and Trudy (right) getting creative at a social painting event.

Pam, as a mother, what are you most proud of about your daughter, Trudy?
I am most proud of Trudy’s drive to succeed at any project that she feels passionate about and her commitment to the well-being of her family. She will drop everything and be at our side in a heartbeat. I love how her creative mind works to make something beautiful from very simple objects. She was my sister, Hermine’s favorite niece because they shared the creative skills that bring things to life in ways that often blows my non-creative mind. She has a giving personality and always seeks to find the good in people she interacts with which sometimes collides with our business strategy. (She certainly didn’t get that admirable trait from me). 

What advice do you have for mothers?

Pam: My advice for mothers is simply this – Allow your children to follow their own paths, even if it is contrary to where and what you envision for them. They will ultimately be more successful and happier doing what they are passionate about. Too many parents see themselves in their children and seek to pave a path that they have no desire to go down. Believe me, I had other plans for Trudy and now that I see the wonderful woman that she has become, I know I was way off base.   

Trudy and Pam together and glammed up at a women’s social event.


The HER-MINE Box is an aromatherapy, beauty, wellness & lifestyle subscription box primarily featuring products by women-owned businesses.

Gift the mother in your life a deluxe box of amazing self-care items curated from women-owned businesses. The Her-Mine Deluxe Limited Edition Mother’s Day Box is filled with items to pamper her.  Let us take care of sending her a hug in a box.


  • Best Mom Ever Bracelet and Dish Set
  • Sleep Mask
  • Luxury Candle
  • White Gardenia Bath Bomb
  • Brazilian Clay Soap
  • Zippered Pouch (assorted colors)
  • Plush Spa Gloves
  • Mother’s Day Card

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