Fun things to do with the kiddo’s, while staying safe at home during COVID-19

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Staying home isn’t an easy task, especially for the little ones who miss their friends and daily school routine. Here are a few ideas that we hope will add joy and fun to your day while you are staying in.

Make something fun together

We have two soap making tutorials on our blog:

1. Make a rainbow soap – A soap making DIY project

We recently re-posted this project, which looks very complicated but if you follow the tutorial, you can easily make a beautiful 3D rainbow in a cloud soap. Click here for the rainbow soap tutorial

Rainbow soapmaking activity for kids

2. Make cookie cutter soaps – Easy soap making DIY project

This one is easy enough for very young kids to make, and versatile enough to be fun for experienced crafters as well. With multiple options for coloring, decorating and packaging the soaps. Click here for soap making tutorial with cookie cutters

Easy soap making project for all ages

Take a longer than usual bath with a surprize

1. Use a fun, colorful bath bomb

Any bath time is fun, but here at Latika we know, that once you try a bath bomb, a bath without one just feels like something’s missing.

Our bath bombs are always mess-free, ultra-moisturizing and very fun!

Best bath bombs for kids- mess-free, moisturizing, SLS free and FUN!

For kids that refuse a bath, the promise of a bath bomb can get them very excited about staying clean. We have so many fun bombs like mermaid, unicorn and universe bath bombs. Try getting them excited about choosing one bath bomb every night and talk about the color and fragrance of that bath bomb. For kids who love planets- try the solar system bath bomb set.

2. Try a Lego bath

I first saw this on Busy toddler Instagram, and since then, I’ve seen the idea of a lego bath many times more. It’s absolutely genius! Throw some lego Duplo in the tub and let the kids play and relax and wind down before bed or mid-day 🙂 I first saw it here and I can’t wait to try it with my own kids.

Lego bath – Original idea from Busy Toddler blog

3. Have a bath party with glow sticks

This simple, easy idea and such great big fun! Turn the lights down, throw some glow sticks in the tub and let the kids have their fun!

Glow stick bath inspiration from Crafty Morning blog

You can extend the play in the dark activity into bedtime, by reading a few books by flashlight. The Abundant Wife blog has some fun book ideas that would be perfect for that!

We hope you’ll enjoy trying some of these ideas at home! Now that everyone is staying in, taking a bath can be a fun activity beyond the nighttime routine.

Have fun!


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