July Birthday Picks

You might think that someone born closer to Valentine’s Day might be a true romantic, but no one loves love more than a Cancer (aka someone born from July 1-22). Cancer is the sign of the feminine and the “mother” archetype. As the zodiac’s fourth sign, a Cancer’s love runs deep. Positive Cancer astrology traits include being helpful, patient, compassionate, nurturing, romantic and creative.

For a meaningful birthday gift, take the time to show them some love and compassion in return with something rose-inspired that reminds them of their birthstone, ruby!

We’ve hand-picked our favorite rose-inspired Latika products to help you share the love with a Cancer this July:

1. Here to help you shine

Some people can be a little “rough around the edges” but a true Cancer is the type you can count to mediate conflict and “smooth things over”. They see the best in a sticky situation and manage to make the most of it.

For your extra polished birthday person, we recommend our Rose Lip Scrub – made with fine natural oils to help them keep their lips healthy and plump.

2. A real gem

A someone who cares for others, Cancers deserve the opportunity to enjoy self-care of their own. Gems and crystals are known for channeling specific properties and healing benefits.

These indulgent, ultra-moisturizing, extra large bath bomb sets are decorated to look like the geode stones they represent, and will leave skin soft and glowing!

The ruby-like Garnet bath bomb in this Focus & Balance set smells likea sparkling balance of plum, cranberry, and pomegranate.

3. The Protector

Like the close friend we all deserve, Cancers are fiercely loyal. They will share their time, energy and resources to be there when they’re need most. Share the care with a loyal Cancer with the moisturizing, protective properties of rose natural lip balm.

Made with olive oil, beeswax, sweet rose and passion fruit essence, the romantic notes in this delicate balm are a truly luxurious treat! This flavor is elegance with a twist of tropical sweetness.

4. Full of fizz and joy!

Cancers are well-known for being compassionate and fun-loving; the life of the party. But when the festivities wind down, so do they – with the help of wild rose mini bath bombs.

The rose clay in these bath bombs can absorb impurities from the skin, and gently exfoliate, to maintain your skin’s youthful appearance. Each bath bomb contains a generous amount of nutrient-rich and ultra-moisturizing oils such as avocado, coconut oil, shea butter, grape-seed oil, and sweet almond oil.

5. The Flower Child

For Cancers who value a connection to natural elements, try a this limited edition birth month shower steamer collab with Uncommon Goods.

July’s featured flower, Water Lily, is composed of orange and geranium essential oils which transforms your shower into a heaven-scented, mood-transforming spa.

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