This international women’s day, let’s promote self-care, together!

We work hard and care for others, but often neglect to take a brief moment to appreciate and care for ourselves.

We invite you to inspire self-care in others you love. Together we can be accountable and encourage each other to take the proper time for us!

1. Remind your girlfriends to self-care! 

Use our new Latika Instagram stickers to inspire self-care on your IG story!

 Tag @latikaskincare and we will share all the posts on our story.

Just imagine all the self-care we can do together! 

2. Send your friend $10 off Latika! 

Invite a friend via Facebook, Twitter or email and they’ll get a $10 welcome credit, plus you’ll get $10 in your own account with their first order. Everyone gets pampered!

3. Add a self- care moment to your day

Here are 5 easy ways to do it:

  1. Take a bath – even 20 minutes can be meaningful
  2. Play your favorite tune and do your skincare routine without interruptions
  3. Do your favorite workout– you don’t have to kill it, you can just go and enjoy, you’ll feel so good for going!
  4. Text a friend and schedule lunch together!
  5. Listen to a podcast or audiobook and enrich your mind

Happy intl’ women’s day! Celebrate your awesome self!

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