3 Steps to Luscious Lips With Our Sugar Lip Scrub

Today we want to talk about one of our all time favorite Latika products- our sugar lip scrubNot only is this product super effective at exfoliating your lips, but it is also delicious (because it is made with real sugar #yummm). Whenever we do pop up events, this is one of our most popular items because it is so much fun to use!

We make our lip scrubs and balms from natural ingredients including olive oil, beeswax, flavor and essential oils. This mixture creates the perfect formula to moisturize and soothe, leaving your lips with a subtle lasting shine. Using our lip scrub before you put on your make up can extend the wear of your lipstick, or you can just swipe on some balm to give your lips a healthy, natural look. You can also use it to help remove residue from a dark lipstick, leaving your lips clean and fresh before you go to bed at night!


Applying the lip scrub is a super easy process! The first step is to swipe on the scrub. Did you know that there is a 12 month supply of lip scrub in each jar? With this product, a little goes a long so you only need to dab on a tiny bit. 

The next step is to remove dry skin and stimulate blood flow in your lips by scrubbing in a circular motion. The sugar mixed into the scrub gently exfoliates and improves circulation, leaving your lips with a plumper, fuller look. 

Last but not least, lick the scrub off!! Our sugar lip scrub is all natural and edible! If you don’t want to lick the scrub off, simply take a warm washcloth and wipe it off. 

VOILA, in three simple steps your lips will be softer and fuller! We recommend using the scrub at least 2-3 times a week to make sure that your lips are exfoliated, plump and fresh! If you would like to see the lip scrub in action, click here to watch a demonstration video on how to use this awesome product!

Shop our sugar lip scrubs now! Each lip scrub kit includes up to a year’s supply of lip scrub (a little bit goes a long way!), instructions, a reusable spatula, plus a free matching lip balm gift from us! (when you buy here at latikasoap.com)

The kit includes:

• 1 oz lip scrub in glass jar (up to 12 month’s supply)

• Reusable spatula

• Instructions, tips and info’ pamphlet

FREE GIFT when you buy from latikasoap.com : matching lip balm .15 oz.