How to do No-Shave November the Right Way

Okay, it’s November, and all you’ve been hearing is this term No-Shave November. But what does it actually mean? Well, for those of you who are curious, No-Shave November is more than just taking a lazy approach to grooming.

No-Shave November brings awareness to men’s health issues ranging from prostate cancer to suicide prevention. The facial hair men grow during this time shows their support for the cause and is a creative way of increasing awareness about patients who often lose their hair during chemo.

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With that being said, if you’re nervous about looking good while partaking in this admirable movement then look no further. We’re here to make sure that you are not only raising awareness to an important cause but look great while doing so.

Keep reading for some tips to make sure you’re doing No-Shave November justice!

Prep And More Prep

So ideally, you’ve known that you want to participate in No-Shave November and have already prepped the month before. But seeing as October has passed and procrastination is real, that may not be the case. For those of you starting late, don’t worry! Late or not, prep is extremely beneficial because you want to start with a clean slate. There’s no rule stating that you have to, but starting your hair growth journey fresh can help you grow healthier stronger hair.

When getting rid of your facial hair, try using beard oil to make the process smoother and faster. This product is specially formulated for facial hair and can help to soften your strands and make them easier to tame so your razor isn’t constantly getting stuck on tangles.

Sometimes You Need Help

Some of you, however, might find it challenging for your beard to move past the stubble stage, and haven’t seen much growth despite it being the second week of November. Just because you generally do not grow a lot of facial hair does not mean you cannot participate in No-Shave November. No matter how little or how much hair you have, your participation is still greatly appreciated.

If you are still feeling insecure about the state of your beard, then try incorporating things into your routine to boost hair growth. Castor oil is widely known to promote healthy hair growth and you can easily apply it to everything from your beard to your eyebrows. For a more intense option, consider hair loss pills such as finasteride to grow your locks. Keep in mind that both of these options, as well as many others, do not always provide immediate results, so don’t get discouraged as there are still weeks left in November.

Finasteride by Hims

Try New Things

This is the time to try new products, so don’t be shy. If you want your beard and the rest of your face to look healthy and vibrant, then they’re going to need some extra TLC. Aside from washing your beard with a sulfate-free shampoo, beard balms can be a great addition to your routine. The Black Hatchet Beard Balm, for example, is made to condition and moisturize your hair. Made with natural ingredients, and paraben-free this beard oil should give you the shine and body you want.

The best part is that you can use it on your mustache too! For the much smaller area, dip a Q-Tip into the balm and apply directly to facial hair. This should help to ensure the product is getting where it needs to be.

Black Hatchet All Purpose Balm

Remember Your Skin

While you’re taking care of your facial hair, please do not forget about your skin. Although your beard or stache may be taking up a good portion of your face does not mean your skin should be neglected. Quite the opposite actually. Hair tends to lock in a lot of oil and product, potentially irritating your skin. Regularly washing your face in the morning and night can help to regulate your skin health.

Latika Lavender Lip Scrub

Your lips are also included as skin as well. If everything else from your skin to your beard looks nice, you don’t want chapped lips throwing everything off. Keep your lips healthy with a lip care kit, and they will thank you later.

Whether you’re a No-Shave November pro or you’re new to it, hopefully, these tips will help you in your journey to raising awareness of men’s health issues.