How to Curate the Perfect Bath Experience

No matter if you have a tiny tub or a luxury jacuzzi set up – here are our top tips to elevate any bath time experience!

Relaxation Takes Preparation

Anyone who’s ever taken a bath know that it’s not as simple as filling the tub and hopping in. Relaxation takes preparation, so we’ve assembled the perfect checklist to make sure you have everything on-hand that you might need. Read below for obsession-worthy bath accessories and an original Latika playlist on Spotify to set the mood!

Set Yourself Up to Soak

Gather Before:

  • Candles
  • Music
  • Bath bomb
  • Face mask

Enjoy During:

  • Hand towel within reach
  • Water bottle, tea or champagne
  • Book or eReader
  • Snack (treat yourself!)

After Care:

  • Bath robe, slippers
  • Hair towel, comb
  • Hand and body lotion
  • Pedicure tools

Ambience is Everything

Setting the tone for your moment of solitude is fundamental. The least amount of distractions or interruptions, the more easily you’ll find yourself in a meditative state of bliss. Light candles or opt for a hazard-free option like these flameless ones. Set up a relaxing instrumental music playlist on loop then put your phone on Airplane Mode so alerts are paused. Apply your face mask in the mirror before entering the bath so that you don’t miss any spots!

Once your bath is just over halfway filled, add your bath bomb so that it can continue to soak and dissolve with the remaining water stream. Feeling extra luxurious? Try adding dried or fresh flowers and herbs to your bath for a truly Instagrammable moment. Before hopping in to soak, make sure you have all of your bath times items close enough within arm’s reach but not in danger of becoming drenched. Always have a hand towel on-hand just in case of spills!

Tunes to Unwind To

Sitting in silence might be zen to some, but we’ve prepared the perfect playlist to transport you to a world of relaxation. This month’s playlist features instrumental versions of our favorite pop hits – a nostalgic symphony of strings, piano and guitar covers you’ll love.

Just scan the Spotify sound wave code below to start listening from your smart phone!

After Bath Care

When you’re ready to exit your bath experience – pat-dry yourself off with the softest and most absorbent towel we’ve ever met. Your freshly bathed skin is ready to be primed for evening treatment. Start by cleansing the face with toner and a clean facial towel or cotton pad. Be sure to remove any residue left behind by your face mask, include ears and nose. Then apply any facial night treatments and serum before moisturizing with organic face creme.

Lock in the hydrating essential oils from your bath bomb by applying a light weight, paraben-free lotion. Pay special attention to easily forgotten areas like the neck, shoulders, and elbows. Your nails and cuticles will be softened and therefore easy to trim and buff. Follow your foot treatment with lotion and soft pair of woven cotton socks.

Finally, brush through wet hair with a wide toothed comb to prevent damage. Let air-dry or braid in a protective hairstyle. Congratulations, you’ve done it! Now you can take your favorite tips and build a self-care routine that fits your lifestyle. Lean into the bathtime rituals that give you and your skin the love it deserves.

Curating moments of self-care is a valuable practice with life-long benefits – find the ritual that suits you! Feel free to reach us with any product use questions at

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