How It Started – Soap Designs

this article shows you past soap designs by Latika, back from when we started making soaps in shapes such as cookies, cupcakes, and popsicles!

Join us on a trip down memory lane, back to our days of designer soaps. we started Latika with a big passion for combining design and natural quality products, and drew big inspiration from the world of sweets!

Latika vintage button soaps

some of our first designs included button soaps (literally the first mold Mazzi made), cupcake soaps, oreo soaps, popsicles, and of course- cupcake soaps.

Latika ice pop soaps

our product photography themes were always fun to do- we would create a little world of play and tea time using our designer soaps.

Latika custom macaron soap

here they are- we no longer make these soaps, but still love drawing inspiration from them.

If you feel like having a go-to try making some soap designs by yourself – try using our soap-making tutorials! we have a DIY rainbow soap tutorial and a cookie-cutter soap tutorial (great for beginners) both linked below- have fun!