Hello Spring, Good Bye Winter: Our Favorite Floral Scents

It is officially spring and we are so excited!! To celebrate the start of one of our favorite seasons,we decided to highlight some of our “springiest” products.  Here is a round up of products featuring our favorite floral notes


Rose Lip Balm and Rose Lip Scrub

Our rose lip balm and scrub are the perfect way to ring spring in! This flavor is so fresh and sweet, we cannot get enough of it! We make our rose scent using sweet rose essence.  To punch it up a little bit we added notes of passion fruit, giving the classic scent a little bit of a twist. Our lip balms and lip scrubs are also great when you pair them together. Check out our blog to learn more about how to use our lip scrubs to make your lips soft and kissable!

Ginger Jasmine Bath Bomb

This is the perfect bath bomb to bring spring into your tub.  Our ginger jasmine bath bomb is one of our more sophisticated floral scents. When you throw this bath bomb into a tub, it releases notes of white jasmine balanced by nutmeg, ginger and citrus. Color wise, this bath bomb is one of our more simple styles. It is an elegant white with glitter and yellow jojoba beads sprinkled onto it. This bath bomb will turn your bath into a light, subtle, shimmery color.


Lavender Creme

Lavender Creme is our only floral creme scent. This crisp lotion mixes notes of lavender with clary sage and eucalyptus. The floral scent isn’t too overpowering though, making it usable all over your body! Our lotions are extremely moisturizing because they are made with aloe vera and shea butter. All of our cremes come in reusable glass bottles. If you ever run out of your Latika creme, you can save the bottle and use one of our refill packs to replenish your creme.

Sea Glass Soap

Most of our designer soaps have a fresh, honeydew scent, but our Sea Glass designer soap is scented with a mix of lovely, floral scents!  The Sea Glass Soaps features the floral notes of Cyclamen (a white flower scent), Jasmine, Lilac and Lily of the Valley. Along with these sweet floral scents, the Sea Glass soaps are balanced out with some mellower notes such as Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Musk. Our Sea Glass soap is the perfect, breezy soap the spring AND summer!

Those are some of our favorite floral scented products to ring in spring. What kind of scents do you look for when you are shopping in the spring?