Heal-All Miracle Plant: Why We Love This Weed and You Should Too!

Anyone who has a green thumb has probably had a battle with some of the weeds in the backyard.  There is nothing worse than a garden full of weeds to pull. There is one weed that we are glad we can’t get rid of! That weed is, Prunella Vulgaris, otherwise known as the ‘heal all’ plant.

What is Heal-All?

You probably recognize this natural, miracle plant because it grows everywhere! You can find it on the side of the street, your backyard or at your neighborhood park. Heal-all is an edible herb that thrives in a temperate climate and grows in grassy wastelands or woodlands in Asia, Europe and the US. Some other names for this plant are: Brunella, Hook Heal, Xia Ku Cao, Blue Curls, Consolida Minor, Carpenter’s Weed, Brownwort and Sicklewort. This herb is a key component in herbal medicines for the treatments of many different kinds of injuries and illnesses.

For centuries, people all over the world have been using Heal All as an herbal medication.

Some of the ways that it is used are as an anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory solution, to sooth burns, help with digestion, alleviate muscle spasms, clear acne and to help heal injuries. Organic heal all herb was also used in ancient times to cure a variety of ailments. Some of those uses were to: dress wounds, stop bleeding, reduce inflammation caused by injuries, as well as treating urination infections, gastritis, dysentery and a host of other digestive disorders. 
People are able to draw the healing properties of Heal-All in many different ways. You can ingest Heal All by steeping it and making it into a tea or soup. You can also use fresh Heal-All plants topically, to help reduce bleeding and to reduce swelling from anything from bug bites to varicose veins. Because of these healing properties, organic heal all has found its way in a variety of cosmetic and skin care products. The effects of heal all are instant, but mild and gentle, working to help naturally heal skin.

How Does Latika Use Heal-All?

At Latika, our products are by no means medicinal, but we use natural products that have healing properties to boost the strength of the different items. We use Heal All water in our face cream and Black Hatchet moisturizer to give them self-induced anti bacterial and antiseptic values.  The Heal All water gives our cream a natural ability to make skin cleaner and healthier from the inside!
Along with Heal All, our creams have a variety of other natural ingredients and plant extracts such as aloe vera, castor seeds and olive oil.  The creams are rich but light weight , working to hydrate and nourish your skin!
What are your experiences with Heal-All? We would love to learn more about how you use Heal All plants, natural oils and plant extracts!
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