Have Minis, Will Travel: Ultimate Guide to TSA-Approved Summer Essentials

Packing for a vacation can be the most universally stressful experience. While trying to save on extra baggage fees and prevent wasteful purchases of forgotten items at your destination – it’s a challenge to pack light and pack right.

We’re here to help save you time and stress by compiling our list of summer essentials from eco-friendly toiletries to fun & functional gadgets. All these items are TSA-approved, compact and honestly really fun – because some times vacation isn’t about the destination – it’s about all the nifty stuff you get to take with you on your next adventure!

Natural Tooth Brush

by Bite

Travel-friendly tooth brushes are NOT one-size fits all. Your regular tooth brush (especially electric ones with charging components) may be bulky and awkward to pack – and expensive to replace if left at the hotel.

Ditch the cheap, plastic and This compostable bamboo tooth brush will fit any carrying case because literally can be separated in two pieces! It’s also 100% plant based with the softest bristles to give you the cleanest feeling.

Chewable Tooth Paste

by Bite

There is nothing worse than someone forgetting to tighten the cap to the tooth paste tube before stowing it away. It’s a one-way ticket to sticky, minty mess that will coat your toiletry bag and more.

Enter – Bite Toothpaste Bits– a mess-free and environmentally-friendly option that comes in fresh mint and a whitening active charcoal. Just bite down, brush with your wet bamboo tooth brush and clean away as the bit foams & dissolves.

Lemon Pill Case

by Miamica on Urban Outfitters

No need to “squeeze” all your bulky pill bottles into your carry on. This zesty and fun lemon pill case is the perfect way to keep your medications and multivitamins organized and stored away safely.

The zip pouch opens to a 7-day container to keep track of your Mon-Sun routine – even while you’re losing track of time in paradise.

Organic Face Cream

by Latika

Jet-setting can put a lot of stress on your skin. Dry airplanes, intense climates and sun exposure are all recipes for skin damage and irritation.

Fortunately, you can create a healthy protective base for your skin with just the simplest of natural ingredients to help balance and restore it. Coming in at 2 fl oz, this organic face cream is well within the the 3.4 fl oz TSA-required limit for liquids and creams.

Travel Cocktail Set

by W&P on Amazon

Flying sky-high doesn’t have to bring down your cocktail experience. Come prepared to make and enjoy your own craft beverage with these mini carry-on cocktail kits.

Each kit comes with everything your need to prepare, measure, mix and rim your favorite drink. They have every imaginable cocktail like a margarita, Moscow mule, gin & tonic, old fashioned, champagne spritz and so many others. Get crafty and bottoms up!

Mini Steam Iron

by Steamfast on Amazon

Look your best no matter where your travels take you, keep your outfit looking fresh & pressed with this lightweight, versatile and easy-to-use mini steam iron and travel case.

Wrinkles-vanish with its quick steam setting and the compact shock-proof case keep it easy to pack and store on the go.

1-Step Gel Manicure Kit

by Le Mini Macaron at ULTA

Treated yourself to a fancy manicure before your trip only to snag a chipped nail on the way? Have no fear – your personal nail salon is portable with this 1-Step Gel Manicure Kit!

It’s so simple to use, long-lasting and fits right in your purse or carry-on. Be your own manicure medic in the snap of a finger!