Handmade in the U.S.A.

Latika’s story starts and ends with family – it’s how we support the people who make our company and products exceptional.

In 2012, we started making homemade soaps and bath bombs in our apartment and have now grown to over a dozen employees here in Austin, TX. We believe that teamwork is everything, and our team is our most valuable asset. We strive to connect with individuals who enjoy learning and growing every day as employees and as people.

Here’s some of the ways we make our Latika team feel valued:

1. Making time for the important things

Many of our team members are working mothers who need flexible hours in order to pick up their kids from school in the afternoons. We built our factory hours around this type of schedule, rather than have our employees miss out on important moments with family.

In the future, we’re hoping to grow our production time to include late afternoon and evening shifts that accommodate working students in high school and college.

2. Teamwork is based on respect and trust

Here at Latika, we’ve intentionally built a team that shares a mutual trust and respect of one another. As employers, we show this in three main ways:

1. We build trust through investment. Our team is paid fairly and always on time.

2. Respect is shown through action and communication. We believe that all team members should be treated equally – regardless of their role or how long they have been with Latika. Everyone’s voice matters.

3. We listen to our team. It’s our goal to remain open and receptive to new ideas and feedback. We genuinely care about their worries, their stresses and even their personal circumstances.

We want our business to be a place where the team feels safe and enjoys spending their day. Even at our busiest moment, our factory offices are filled with laughter and shared gratitude.

3. We share a space that everyone can enjoy

As a company that values self-care, we’re so proud to host a common space that sparks joy and relaxation for our hardworking factory team.

When we moved to our new factory location, we knew there were several things our team needed: a break area with a fully-stocked kitchen and coffee bar, a lounge area for well-deserved breaks and a dining area where we can share meals together. The only thing that’s missing is a soaking tub!

4. We celebrate milestones and everyday moments

Fridays are a big deal in our factory office! As our team is now all fully-vaccinated, we are finally about to return to our end-of-week social hours. We share snacks and drinks, catching up and spending time together, celebrating birthdays and special occasions.

There’s even been recent rumors of a Friday yoga class in the near future – a fun way to stretch and release the week’s worries!

Here a Latika, we’re wishing everyone a very happy Independence Day spent with friends and family!