What is glycerin soap

We create our bars and designed soaps using glycerin soap base.

The reason we use glycerin soap and not cold process soap for our designed collections primarily because glycerin soap easily takes the shape of our designs.

It has a beautiful texture and color that allows us to create a variety of shapes and designs. But, as we always say- our soaps are not only beautiful, they are excellent soaps for daily use! Not a lot of people know this, but glycerin soap has a lot of benefits.

It keeps our skin nourished and prevents it from drying. We make sure of this by carefully selecting the best ingredients in the market and by bringing this quality to you in the shape of a beautifully designed soap.

What exactly is glycerin soap?

Glycerin is a colorless, odorless and viscous organic compound. It is a neutral, sweet tasting substance which has a high boiling point and freezes to form a thick gummy paste.

Glycerin is a good solvent as it dissolves a lot of things easier than water or alcohol. It absorbs moisture from the air. It has a soothing effect on your skin when diluted with water it cleanses the skin and is also known to soften the skin.

This is the reason it is widely used in cosmetics.

Glycerin soap is moisturizing

Glycerin acts as a humectant, which means that it absorbs moisture from the air. In fact, a glycerin soap bar, left out in a humid environment will actually become coated with tiny moisture (water) beads – proof of its moisture drawing power. And that is great for our skin, because it keeps it hydrated.

Glycerin soap can either be a clear color or an opaque to white color.

We use the best colors and fragrances to make our yummy cupcake soaps, chocolates, and glycerin bars. We want them to look great and feel amazing in the shower.

Glycerin soap is very stable and It’s shape remains the same for a relatively long time. So when you use your Latika cupcake soap- its “cupcakey” shape will be noticeable even after many uses.

Glycerin soap helps your skin stay healthy

By keeping your skin well moisturized, you can create a strong foundation for healthy skin. Completely moisturized and healthy skin prevents you from developing wrinkles, stretch marks and tears in your skin.

Although glycerin is a great soap to clean your whole body, using it to wash your face can offer you additional benefits.

Using harsh soap that dries out the skin of your face often causes your skin to make up for its dryness by creating extra oil, which clogs your skin and creates skin problems.

Glycerin soap can help decrease or completely rid you of acne when you use it as a face wash.

A tip to ensure your soap lasts longer Simply use a soap dish with draining holes. Soap doesn’t like to “sit” in a puddle of water, so help it stay dry from use to use and enjoy it for a longer time. This tip refers to both cold process and glycerin soaps as well.

Enjoy your soaps!

❤ Mazzi