Genius Shower Steamer Hacks

Shower steamers are taking over the internet – here’s how to get the most our of your daily aromatherapy experience!

Aromatherapy Made Easy

Made of the same skin-nourishing ingredients as our beloved bath bombs, shower steamers release aromatherapy scents depending on your fragrance preferences or energetic needs.

Our all-natural essential oil blends are specifically formulated to either to help the body calm & prepare for rest – or refresh & invigorate the senses.

Step 1. Choose Your Shower Steamer

For a invigorating start to your day – try Uplift & Energize with Sweet Orange, Bergamot & Mint essentials oils to boost energy with bright citrus aroma.

To relieve congestion & tension – Breath & Release is formulated with Eucalyptus & Mint essential oils to provide Sinus relief and clear your nasal passage ways after a long night’s sleep.

For a zen moment while winding down for the evening – we recommend Relax & Focus featuring Lavender & Mint essential oils that help calm the mind.

2. Start Your Shower for Freshness

As your shower water begins to warm, make sure you having a temperature ideal (about 100 F) for creating steam but not too hot that it may cause hair and skin to become overly dry afterwards.

Our skin has a protective oil called sebum. Hot showers strip your skin of this oil and effectively dries out your glands. This leaves your skin red, inflamed, and itchy.

3. Wet Your Steamer

Unwrap your shower steamer – each are individually shrink wrapped to maintain freshness.

Hold your shower steamer under the water stream for a few seconds to activate the fizzing reaction to release essential oils.

Breathing in the diffused essential oils a natural and effective way to relax the body and mind. Rest assure that our products are SLS free, paraben free, vegan friendly and cruelty free.

4. Let It Fizz & Diffuse

For a longer lasting aromatherapy experience in the shower, place your steamers farther from the stream of water so that they diffuse slowly.

Placing the steamer closer to the drain will help prevent slippery floors, allowing the remaining essential oil to wash away rather than remain in the shower.

Relax, breathe deeply, and enjoy the experience!

5. Wipe Clean!

Our formula is mess-free so it dissolves thoroughly and won’t leave colored stains on your bath tub or shower floor.

If your floor becomes slippery from an excess of nourishing oils, not to worry, just a touch of soap and water should do the trick!

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So next time you find yourself stressed that you just couldn’t find the time for a bath in your week – no need to worry – grab a shower steamer and be transported to a peaceful moment.

We encourage you to find the shower steamer variety that fits your lifestyle so you can perfectly curate a relaxing shower experience. Feel free to reach us with any product use questions at!