From zero self-care to in control of my wellbeing

I decided to share my own experience throughout the last year. From feeling drained and exhausted to content and in control. I am sharing my tips to hopefully help kick start your self-care journey. 

If you feel like life is running you, you never have time for anything and you are only serving others and never yourself – read this. You are not alone and you deserve a lot more.

They say you can’t pour from an empty cup. I truly believe in that. I learned how important it is to invest in my own wellbeing so that I will have the ability to enjoy the beautiful moments’ life has to offer. And so that I can be there, present, healthy, and happy for my family, my team, my customers, and my friends.

I, myself was struggling to put aside the daily chores of caring for my family and the daunting day-to-day things we all do and dedicate time for self-care. But I learned that no one else will do it for me. I am responsible for my own wellbeing.

This last year was when I decided to focus on self-care. If you are following our Instagram, you must have noticed more “self-care” talk coming from me.

Since having my 2nd child and while growing Latika and Black Hatchet, I found myself exhausted, drained, and tired. It even started showing on my skin (that actually shouldn’t have been a surprise for me, I know better).

I know that switching from no self-care to total dedication to myself is not realistic for me, that’s also not what I am after. But I was missing a little bit of myself. Apart from my parts as a mother, business owner, and wife.

Now, a couple of years later, I feel like I am more in control of my own wellbeing and self-care. I made some small changes that add up to a whole-of-a-lot more for my mental and physical health.

If you are looking to make a change in your life and shift the focus so that your day will include some self-care…

Here is my advice, based on my own situation and experience.

1. Start small – do one little thing different

I started small, with skincare. I was lucky to always have fairly healthy skin. Sensitive, but never with too much acne or blemishes. But after weaning my second child, the hormones, and I guess stress caused a massive acne + rosacea outburst on my cheek. I NEVER had acne on my cheeks. I freaked out! I felt like I am totally losing control over my own body.

Skincare became a self-care priority for me. I needed to pull all my knowledge together and make a plan and live by it. I started dedicating time specifically for skincare every night, I invested in some good ingredients and products and explored making changes to my diet.

At this point I figured, the laundry, dishes, and work will be there after I am done cleaning my skin, moisturizing and honestly, sometimes, just staring at the air and enjoying a few moments of solitude. 

The time I took for me, meant a lot. It jump-started a process that was long overdue. My own self-care journey.

2. Add onto that – your physical health matters!

Next – I figured, let’s find a fitness plan I am comfortable with. I signed up for something I actually enjoy doing and with people I love meeting.

I realized I love barre, and found a local studio I felt comfortable and empowered to go to. When quarantine started, they quickly switched to online classes, and although I admit, it is hard to stay on track, I am trying, and at least I know where to go when I am back at it. 🙂

My favorite studio in the Austin / Cedar Park area – Omni Barre + Bloc Cycle. The female support and empowerment are amazing!

3. Bring friends along with you for the ride

Accountability can do a lot to our ability to stay consistent. Start the self-care conversation with your close group of friends. Encourage each other to not pass on your own wants and needs and create an uplifting environment. We can find a million excuses to not do what we want (house chores, work, etc) but my friends are there to remind me that there are more important things in life. And if we don’t take care of ourselves, we might be missing out on a lot!

4. Your day, your week, your life!

Part of owning a business is managing that delicate balance between home and work. We don’t work from home, and often we stay late. It feels like we don’t have time to get our home chores done right. I hate having mountains of laundry piled up all over the house. I also hate cooking in a rush.

I decided to take a day off once a week to care for my home. Batch cook meals that work with what I prefer to eat, and catch up on laundry, tidying, and while doing so, listening to audiobooks and exercising my brain muscles.

One day – to straighten my head up.

I am aware of the fact that I am lucky for being able to do this. If you are not in a position to take a day off – at least try to manage your work hours so that your day is not completely consumed by work hours and home care/kids until you pass out tired at night. This is happening to me often, but since I made the decision to change this, it is easier to control.

One of my favorite podcasts is Cash is Queen. I always have something to learn and the host is so smart and fun to listen to!

Let’s promote self-care, together

We all work hard, care for others, do a lot at work and at home. But often neglect to take a brief moment to appreciate ourselves and care for ourselves. 

We invite you to inspire self-care in others you know and love. Together we can be accountable for each other and encourage each other to take the proper time for us! 

Yes, on the account of other things such as laundry, cooking, and cleaning. Sometimes self-care is more urgent and the last load can wait until after you come back from the gym. Go do what you need to feel good!

With Latika’s self-care challenge, remind your girls to self-care! 

Use our Latika Instagram stickers, hashtag #selfcaretogether, and tag @latikaskincare on your story. We will share all posts on our story feed – to inspire each other to keep going! Prioritize yourself! Imagine all the self-care we can do together! 

Here are 5 ideas to add a self-care moment to your day

  • Take a bath
  • Play your favorite tune and do your skincare routine without interruptions
  • Do your favorite workout
  • Text a friend and schedule lunch (or a zoom drink) together! 
  • Clear 20 minutes and have your coffee, quietly! (I use the kid’s screen time for this)   
  • Invest time in your hobbies, gardening, journaling or doodling, arts and crafts, or anything you love doing!
  • Nap. GO TO SLEEP. Sometimes our body and mind just need a couple of hours to rest. If you find yourself available for a nap – shut down the phone and take a nap. 

I am curious to learn what are some of the things that make you feel better? What is your self-care moment? Please share with us on IG by adding hashtag #selfcaretogether, and tag @latikaskincare on your story or posts. 

I hope this helps boost your self-care journey (even a little bit!) 



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