Everyday Magic with Selene Stone

This Fall we are proud to announce that Latika is officially sold in over 4,000 stores, including hundreds of small locally-owned boutiques! We want to feature these small businesses we love to showcase their unique curated styles, customer favorites, and their owner stories!

October Featured Shop:

Location: Canton, Ohio

Owner: Liz Bradley

Founded in 2018

The Origin

What started as a passion project while living a fast-paced New York City lifestyle, came to fruition when Liz Bradley found herself back in her home state of Ohio. It was a cold fall evening, she was camped out at my desk, working late… again. As the only person in the office, she found her mind drifting while gazing at the growing collection of crystals on her desk.

She knew her day-to-day work was a grind—but that’s just the NYC hustle, right? At that moment, Liz realized she was feeling dull and unfulfilled. All the while, her passion for stones was growing by the day. It was then and there Liz asked for guidance, which led her on a path to Selene Stone.  

About the shop

Selene Stone is an intentional lifestyle shop offering consciously created and curated goods. Focusing on natural crystals, mindfully made self-care, handcrafted and healing objects, each item has been carefully selected to inspire and transform the ritual of giving—both to others and to the self. We at Latika love their beginner’s guide to stones – it’s a super quick and easy-to-understand piece for anyone curious about crystals

The Name

Selene Stone is named for two crystals – selenite and moonstone. Selenite, derived from Selene, Titan goddess of the moon, is often called ‘Liquid Light’ as it helps clear blockages and aids in clarity, intuition, and connecting with a higher source. Moonstone represents new beginnings, inner strength, and growth, and its tie with the moon represents the divine feminine: nurturing, creation, and introspection. The combination of these two crystals is represented in Selene Stone and lived every day by our passionate tribe. 

The Vision

As their namesake implies, Selene Stone’s vision is for new beginnings and growth. Borne from the desire to create a welcoming, accessible and inclusive experience for those looking to explore their path, Selene Stone is committed to continually creating an inspiring space filled with goods to nurture, uplift, and spread love and light to the community.

Latika’s Picks

Selene Stone is a shop where we truly feel at home. Each is stocked with curated items that feel purposefully picked to connect each of us to a meaningful ritual. Here are a few of our favorite items that we’re obsessed with: