DIY Rainbow soap

This sweet rainbow in a cloud looks very impressive but it is actually very easy to make!

This is a two parts project and requires medium skills and some experience in soap making. Still- i recommend trying even if it is your first time making soaps!

As always, please feel free to ask us questions and share the soaps you made using this tutorial. The comments are on the bottom of this page.


Microwave – To melt the soap
Glycerin soap base- Clear and white
Microwave safe measuring cup
Spoon- To mix in the color and scent
Fragrance oil or Essential oil
Soap colors – I recommend blue, red and yellow
Muffin mold
Flat or loaf mold
Cutting board

This project has two parts. First- we will make the rainbow. The second part is making the cloud and adding the rainbow to the cloud.

I will start with a short version of the steps, followed by a detailed step by step tutorial.

First half: Making the rainbow

Run through- Melt a small amount of white soap and add a tiny amount of color. Pour a layer of soap to the loaf mold. When dry, add another layer made of a different color. Repeat until you have a layered loaf of about 1.5″ X 6″ long. Cut the loaf to rainbow strips of about 1 cm long, 3 cm wide. Bend the strips to form a rainbow.

Step by step:

We are making layers of colors, for each layer, melt soap and add color and scent to it.

Step 1: Melt soap

Melt 2 oz white soap in a microwave safe glass bowl or cup. In order to avoid burning the soap- please make sure you take the soap out of the microwave every 30 seconds or so and stir it. A total of 1 minutes usually works. Help it melt better by stirring.

Step 2: Add scent

You can use essential oil or skin safe fragrance oil. Depending on how much soap you have melted, add 0.5 tsp per 1 lb of soap (2.5 ml scent / per 0.5 kg soap).

Step 3: Add colors

We are making a rainbow, so i recommend coloring each layer with a different color starting with basic red, blue, yellow, green (blue + yellow) and purple (red + Blue). Since the soap is white, you will get a pastel color.

Step 4: Pour into loaf mold

Pour a layer of soap into the mold. When it cools enough to be solid, pour another layer of soap with a different color.


Step 5: Repeat

Repeat these steps until you get a layered “cake” of soap with about 4 colors.

Step 6: Cutting

Cut strips of about 1.5″ X 6″ of striped rainbow soap. Bend the strips to make rainbows and set aside.


Second half: Making the cloud and adding the rainbow

Run through- Melt clear soap and add blue color and scent. Melt a small amount of white soap. Pour clear blue soap into the muffin cavity, add a small amount of white soap into the blue soap, creating a cloudy effect. Now embed the rainbow into the blue soap.


Step 1: Making blue sky

Melt clear soap, about 2.5 oz is required for each soap. Add blue color and fragrance and pour into the muffin mold. Leave 0.5 inch of the mold empty. We still need to add white soap and the rainbow.

Step 2: Clouds in the sky

Melt a small amount of white soap (about 1 oz per soap). Pour a little bit of white soap into the blue soap, creating white clouds in the blue soap.
Allow to cool, but not to completely dry.

Step 3: Adding a rainbow

Embed a rainbow in every cloud. if the soap is too  cold or solid, you can use some clear soap as “glue”.
If the blue soap is too hot, wait for it too cool and embed the rainbow when the soap is still liquid (jelly like) but not too hot.

Allow to cool and harden. Remove the soap carefully from the mold and enjoy your soap!

Happy Soaping!
❤ Mazzi

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