Use Bathroom Plants To Brighten Up Your Space!

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A while back we blogged about our favorite ways to spruce up your bathroom.  We talked about adding a soft rug or a cool soap dish to add a touch of luxury to the room. But the suggestion that people loved the most was the addition of the bathroom plant.  We love keeping plants, not just for their aesthetic properties, but because houseplants can actually help improve your quality of life by purifying your air and lowering stress levels. Small bathrooms are generally low light areas with high humidity from showers, which makes it perfect for more exotic plants that wouldn’t survive in the dry, temperate conditions you find in the rest of a house. So which houseplant is the right one for you? Here are a few of our favorite bathroom plants:

Peace Lilies

Peace Lily- Bathroom plant

This is one of the most popular plants to keep in a bathroom because of the Peace Lilies’ ability to clean the air that is uses. Peace Lilies help keep the mold levels in your bathroom low while simultaneously decorating the room with beautiful white flowers. The best part is that this plant is super easy to care for and you would only need to water it about once a week.

The one drawback is that the Peace Lilly can be slightly toxic. If you have small children or pets in your household you may not want to keep a Peace Lily. Fun fact: if you are trying to figure out when you should water your Peace Lily, check the plants leaves. When it needs to be watered, the leaves of a Peace Lily droops signaling that it is thirsty!


Bamboo plant in the bathroom
Bamboo plant in the bathroom

Is it just me or does every fancy restaurant have a bamboo plant in the bathroom? There is a reason why—this plant is ridiculously easy to care for. Place a bamboo plant in your bathroom at home to give the room an instant luxe look.

Bamboo is a low-light plant, which means that it is great for small rooms that don’t have a lot of sunlight coming in. On the other hand, it is important to note that bamboo is a plant that needs to be watered frequently. Something that is super cool about bamboo is that you can change the way the plant grows by creating barriers or shaping it. Once you get used to taking care of a bamboo plant, you can learn how to grow your plant into all sorts of creative shapes.

Snake Plant

Snake plant in the bathroom
Snake plant in the bathroom

The Snake Plant (also known, as “Mother-in-Laws Tongue”) is one of the most popular bathroom plants, again because it is so easy to care for! Its easygoing nature makes this a great plant for a beginner horticulturist.  This plant is able to flourish in low light environments and thrives in humid conditions (aka a master bathroom with a bath or shower).  This is another great plant to keep around because it does a great job of cleaning the air in the room it lives in. It can even help clean the air of formaldehyde, which you can find in everyday items like nail polish and perfume. Snake Plants have tall, vertical leaves making it a space conscious plant perfect for a small room.

These are just a few of our favorite houseplants but we know that there are tons more. What plants do you like to keep in your bathroom? Send us pictures of your green thumb creations!

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Bathroom plants
Aloe Vera in the bathroom

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Happy planting! Mazzi

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