Back to School finds

Back to School: Mazzi’s Picks

School is right around the corner, and honestly, we’re not ready for summer to end! Our family just got back from an awesome mini-vacation in Portland, Oregon and it was truly magical. Once we landed in Austin though, my brain went right to planning on getting everything we need in the next few weeks to kick off another school year.

Having a 1st grader and a 4-year-old in pre-K means our kids are still getting acclimated to school year routines like packing their own backpacks. We try to make the experience fun and helpful – a place for everything and everything in its place. These picks are meant to help both parents and kids keep clean and organized, even when the school year is crazy and hectic!

1. On trend and on sale for the lunch room

Parents are fully aware of the Bento box craze, it’s perfect for picky eaters and in general keeping snacks organized.

Because a stainless steel set is not on many families’ budgets, many opt for this super popular one by Bentgo (usually $40, now on sale for $24).

I personally am a huge fan of this almost identical Bentgo Kids Tray for a quarter of the original price ($10). It’s only 2 pieces, so it’s simple and easy to clean and use. I use it for extra snacks, fruits, and veggies in addition to school lunch.

2. An adorable “ouch pouch” for on-the-go

Accidents happen everywhere: rushing out the door to school, on the playground, and at sports practice. Pretty much anywhere you would expect and least expect.

We like to help our little ones feel empowered to patch up minor cuts and scraps (after thorough washing with warm water & soap) with this super cute adventure first-aid kit for kids. It’s got band-aids, antibiotic cream, and hand sanitizer packs stuffed inside either a bear, raccoon, or fox.

Important Note: We make sure our kiddos understand to ALWAYS let an adult know when they or a friend are hurt – no matter how small! They also know that antibiotic cream is NOT for eating.

3. Pockets for literally everything

It’s a sandwich bag, it’s a pencil case, it’s a safety kit… it’s anything you need it to be! Obsess these washable reusable fabric bags with easy velcro for little kids.

They come in super fun patterns and are SO easy to clean in the dishwasher. Other awesome features:

  • Quick-drying, lightweight, durable!
  • You can write names & notes on them.
  • They’re also coated so they won’t leak!

4. Forks and spoons for tiny hands

In case you didn’t realize it, adult utensils are HUGE for school-age kids. That means they’re more likely to spill and stain during meal time. I’m constantly looking for gadgets to create less mess and therefore less stress.

I love this kid-sized reusable utensil set made out of naturally sourced bamboo. The case is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and is WASHABLE! The handy carabiner on the back lets you clip and carry a fork, knife, and spoon wherever your young snacker travels.

5. Keep little hands clean, never sticky!

Now more than ever, hand sanitizing has become an everyday practice for our family.

We help our kids keep this good habit going at school with this gentle leave-on hand cleanser. It’s fragrance-free and 62% alcohol, so it smells natural & not over-powering while killing germs.

Most importantly, it’s formulated with aloe vera to moisturize hands, keeping them feeling smooth and refreshingly clean.

Happy trails to you and your little adventurers this school year! Also congrats parents, you made it through another summer with the kids 😉 Send me a DM at @latikaskincare (Instagram) with any back-to-school picks you’d like to see us feature in the future – Mazzi

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