What’s the deal with activated charcoal benefits?

Organic Activated Charcoal Soaps

Pure activated charcoal from organic bamboo can literally pull out toxins and impurities from your pores making them cleaner and fresh from within. Charcoal is so much more than just fuel for barbecue grills – it’s one of the most versatile naturally occurring mineral packed with benefits.

We use the activated form of bamboo charcoal in our range of Black Hatchet soaps.

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  • What is activated charcoal and what are its benefits
  • What does Activated mean?
  • Black hatchet products with organic charcoal

Introduction to Activated Bamboo Charcoal

What is charcoal

Charcoal is a special kind of substance that is created out of a heating process that separates non-carbon material from animal or plant matter. This is done by cutting off the oxygen supply while heating the material in a kiln at a specific temperature. This charred form of carbon left behind is then purified to remove any volatile substances and the resulting charcoal can then be used for a large variety of applications including water purification, treating illnesses and even smelting metallic substances and making gunpowder. However, the most amazing property of charcoal is that it can attract and hold a large variety of chemicals and harmful substances within its structure, owing to its large surface area.

Bamboo charcoal

Bamboo charcoal as the name implies is made out of carbonizing bamboo shoots during a special type of oxygen less heating process. This material, scientifically termed as ‘Buckminsterfullerene C60’ has a surface area to mass ratio of up to 600 to 1 which gives it excellent absorbent qualities.

Activated Bamboo charcoal

Activated charcoal is much more superior in absorbing and holding substances from the air and water as compared to simple bamboo charcoal. To activate bamboo charcoal, it goes through a special patented procedure that involves steam injection into powdered charred bamboo stalks. This exposes the tiny hidden crevices and cracks inside charcoal expanding its capacity to absorb and adsorb. The resulting process can increase its surface area from 600 to 1200 square meters for every 1 gram of charcoal (!!!).

Why is charcoal good for our skin?

Did you mean absorb? No, it’s adsorb, with a D 🙂
One of the most important characteristics of activated bamboo charcoal is its ability to ‘adsorb’ as well as absorb both organic and inorganic materials. It can attract and retain any harmful chemicals and impurities and store it within tiny spaces on its surface, making it an amazing material for cleansing the skin deeply.

Why Bamboo?
Activated bamboo charcoal is made with renewable and sustainable bamboo plants and is also more eco-friendly and effective as compared to ordinary wood charcoal. It has a larger surface area as well that magnifies its ability to absorb and attract materials making it an excellent exfoliating agent. When combined with Black Hatchet’s other moisturizing ingredients, the soap form of activated charcoal can remove any toxins, impurities, dead cells and excess oil clogging the pores of the skin, leaving it cleaner, fresher looking and naturally healthy.

Benefits of Activated Bamboo Charcoal
Natural Minerals – Bamboo that is native to Asia is one of the fastest growing types of grass around the world which makes it a sustainable and environment friendly choice for making soaps. It absorbs calcium, potassium and magnesium from the soil and the clear ocean air surrounding the Korean Peninsula where it is widely grown, boosting its natural benefits for skin care.
• De-polluting the Skin – With a large surface area and natural adsorbing qualities, activated bamboo charcoal draws out impurities and pollutants from the skin. It frees skin of harmful micro particles, toxins and bacteria and is thus used in a number of skincare and beauty products.
• Exfoliation – Regular exfoliation of skin is important for both men and women, as it cleanses the surface and enhances freshness and natural glow. Black Hatchet’s activated charcoal soap provides skin much needed exfoliation and deep cleansing without excessive drying.

Black Hatchet products with Activated bamboo charcoal

Check out the following products from Latika and Black Hatchet to enjoy the natural benefits of activated charcoal:
Liquid Charcoal soap – Organic body wash enriched with organic activated bamboo charcoal. Available in three essential oil blends: Grit, Hunter and The bear whisperer.
Bag of coal – a bag full of soaps shaped like lumps of coal. They are scented with a firewood fragrance and enriched with organic activated bamboo charcoal that gives them the deep black color. The bag reads: “You’ve been naughty!” and makes a great stocking stuffer!
Charcoal Bar soap – Black hatchet line of large 6 oz. natural bar soaps, enriched with organic activated bamboo charcoal and scented with 100% pure essential oil blends.
Camera soap – A small camera soap with beautiful details. It is scented with a fresh melon fragrance and colored black by organic activated charcoal.