we want to make self care a daily habit!

Latika is a female founded, family owned, Austin based company.

we combine effective formulas with creative design to elevate your daily care routine and inspire self-care.

Latika + Black Hatchet are sold in approx. 4,000 stores nation-wide, including Anthropologie, H-E-B, David’s Bridal, Francesca’s, Uncommon Goods and more!

The Latika Philosophy

At the heart of Latika Beauty lies a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of self-care, wellness, and mental health awareness. Our philosophy is built on prioritizing oneself and recognizing the importance of seeking support when needed. We are committed to inspiring self-care within ourselves and our community, advocating for mental wellness through active engagement and vocal advocacy.


Latika champions creating a nurturing environment that fosters self-love and mutual support. By raising awareness and establishing accountability, we aim to cultivate a space where individuals feel empowered to care for their well-being and encouraged to support others in their self-care journeys.


Our mission transcends beyond our products; it is about enriching lives with self-care, wellness, and an unwavering support system. By embracing this philosophy, we can collectively foster a community that values and prioritizes mental health and well-being.

core values we live (and make) by

modern life is busy. taking time for self-care is often overlooked.

we create products that will get you excited about self care.

we believe even a few minutes a day can make a difference in our mood, confidence and energy.

we choose to be aware of how the choices we make can effect our planet’s health.

we strive to be more eco friendly and encourage our customers and team to make conscious choices.

this ongoing process is reflected in our products, manufacturing, and everyday life. 

we want to be the kind of brand the customer knows they can trust.

to earn that trust, we simply provide the information they want to know.

being honest and transparent leads to more educated customers and a better experience with us.

at the end of the day, no matter what we say or do, the product must be great!

We believe the customers experience includes the whole encounter with our product;

From the first look- (the visual appeal) to packaging, to formula and even the clean up process are all taken into consideration when we design, make and market our products

our team

meet the owners

Mazzi Peled
Co-Founder and CEO

Mazzi is the founder, visionary, and creative soul behind the innovative line of products.


growing up with a mother who is an aromatherapist and skin esthetician has inspired her to produce her own natural products and combining them with her love for design.


Mazzi started Latika as a college student. What started as a line of fun dessert soaps evolved through the years to include creams, scrubs, skin care, and what the company is best known for today: Mess free, ultra moisturizing, beautiful bath bombs.

Erez Peled
Co-Founder and COO

Erez brings his organizational skills to Latika, having served in the Israeli military for a decade.


he is in charge of running all operations in Latika, from the logistics of selling in different markets to streamlining all systems to work in harmony.


Erez also oversees the company’s financials, purchasing, and budgeting departments.


he is a professional photographer and responsible for the company’s product images.

Thank You

for taking a moment to get to know us, we truly appreciate you!

enjoy your visit to Latika, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, ideas or thoughts you’d like to share with us!

wishing you lots of self care moments…


fun products

we are here to offer the best bath and body essentials to make pampering easy and fun! because of that, our selection of soaps, creams and lip care is the perfect gift you can give to anyone, but also to yourself!


cruelty free promise

our body care products are certified cruelty free by PETA, therefore we never test on animals because we love and respect our furry friends! that includes our commitment to work with cruelty free suppliers as well.


quality first

we don’t compromise on quality at any cost, which is why each of our products is carefully crafted and tested to perfection! we believe respecting our customers means offering a great product we are proud to make and they love to buy.