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Using a Coffee Scrub for Healthy Skin

When talking about skin care–it’s generally done so with a focus on the importance of [...]

Two Local Brands Perfect Self-Care Experience Collaboration

At Latika Soap, we are passionate about supporting local businesses in Austin, Texas. Today, we [...]

August Birthday Picks

Summer is in full swing for people born under the sign of Leo. Fun-loving and [...]

Find Latika on Your Summer Vacation

Summer means the opportunity to travel and explore with family, friends or even solo! It’s [...]

July Birthday Picks

You might think that someone born closer to Valentine’s Day might be a true romantic, [...]

6 Things That Helped Me Survive a Snowpocalypse in Texas

‘Unprecedented’ is a word that was thrown around quite a bit in 2020. Big things [...]

How to do No-Shave November the Right Way

Okay, it’s November, and all you’ve been hearing is this term No-Shave November. But what [...]

Latika Treasure Hunt

The swan emoji icon may look different in different devices, here are a few examples: [...]

Moon Energy Rituals Guide

Guest post: Shay Spaniola from Bunglo Hi! I’m Shay, I’m the owner of Bunglo, a [...]

Fight the spread of COVID-19 by effectively washing your hands

How to wash your hands the right way: 1. Wet and lather your hands with [...]

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