5 Woman-Owned Businesses We’re OBSESSED With!

Women have been running businesses and working trades since the beginning of time. Now is the time to help their successes shine!

This month, we are celebrating and highlighting some of our favorite woman-owned businesses that feature Latika in their product lines. If you know a woman-owned small business in your area that you think should carry Latika, shoot us an email!

1. Joyful & Co. by Hillary Lewis

Meet Hillary Lewis, the proud owner of Joyful & Company, based Killeen, Texas. Joyful & Company is a cruelty-free, vegan, & organic bath & body shop that specializes in luxury body washes, hand soaps, and more. All of their packaging consists of recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable items. Says Hillary, “It is our hope that our products bring as much joy to you as we have received from making them!”


2. MTHR Collective by Danielle Kelley

No one said being a mother was easy – literally, no one. This is exactly why Northern Californian mom Danielle Kelley wanted on+offline space where mothers could feel heard, and know that they didn’t have to white knuckle their way through all the challenges of motherhood, alone.

Since 2018, her mission has been to provide a powerful platform that will connect mothers through their various commonalities, stories, and mutual struggles. MTHR Collective is a community for the every mom with an emphasis on annual creative retreats for moms.

MTHR Collective is an inclusive, visionary space built for mothers to share, connect, and become stronger advocates for self-care in the realm of motherhood.


3. HERMINE by Trudy & Pam

This mother-daughter team from Miami, Florida is an unstoppable force in their mission to uplift women-owned-business with curated self-care lifestyle subscription boxes. HER-MINE is named in loving memory of mom Pam’s younger sister, Hermine Ricketts-Carroll, who is remembered as an architect, artist, scientist, and gardening guru. We encourage you to read more about Hermine’s incredible life here.


4. SkinCara by Cara Dempsey

A healthy glow comes from the inside out, and skin expert Cara Dempsey has all the brilliant advice to help her clients shine!

Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Cara is an award-winning licensed aesthetician who believes in results-driven skin solutions to help clients reach their skin goals. SkinCara recently became a certified Acne Specialist Clinic using Face Reality quality products and techniques. Check out all the products she offers and her Girl Gang Artist feature.


5. Baskits by Robin Kovitz

For over 35 years, Baskits Inc. has been trusted by Canada’s top corporations, professionals and individuals to deliver impressive gifts on their behalf.

Since taking over as President six years ago, Robin Kovitz, is passionate about keeping up with the latest trends, while sourcing the best products and brands from Canada and around the world. You can follow her adventures as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur on Instagram!


To any future budding female-entrepreneurs reading this article:

We hope these women inspire you to reach for your own dreams! Never be afraid to contact businesses you admire for inspiration and advice. The women-owned business community is strong in diversity, always evolving and here to support the next generation of creative leaders. We believe in you!

Love, Latika