Tips from Skincare Expert

3 Expert Tips from Skincare Queen Cara Dempsey

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From skincare buzz words like vitamin c, retinol, and peptides to fancy skincare tools like jade rollers, tinkle razors, and derma rollers it can be downright overwhelming. How are we supposed to find the right products let alone choose something that’s best for our skin type? 

Well, I’m so glad you asked – because that’s where I come in! My name is Cara Dempsey and I am a licensed esthetician, aka your skin’s BFF. I am the owner of SKINCARA, a skincare boutique, in Knoxville, TN. We specialize in results-driven skincare and treatments for a variety of skincare concerns like acne, pigmentation, and aging. I know more than anyone that the skincare world can be an overwhelming one but it’s my job to help you navigate it. Here are a few of my pro-tips to help you stay ahead of the curve and glow while doing it! 


The number one anti-aging tool you can have in your skincare bag is SPF. SPF is a non-negotiable when it comes to anti-aging and overall skin health. SPF helps prevent wrinkles, and dark spots and also helps keep acne lesions from darkening. Make sure you’re using an SPF separate from what’s in your make-up so you can easily re-apply every 2 hours. If you want a boost of extra protection use a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses when possible! 


Raise your hand if you’ve ever picked a breakout and made it worse than when it started (…I am currently raising my hand!) Picking leads to scarring and inflammation and can severely damage the skin. Instead of picking, take an ice cube and run it over the breakout for 2-3 minutes 1-2 times a day. This will reduce inflammation and keep your hands distracted from picking. If you’re still finding the urge to pick, use a flesh-colored pimple patch to treat and cover the area. Out of sight, out of mind! 


Walking down the skincare aisle and seeing rows and rows full of makeup wipes is an esthetician’s worst nightmare! Most makeup wipes are non-biodegradable, which makes them terrible for the environment, they are also not ideal for your skin. Instead of using makeup wipes, invest in unscented micellar water to remove eye makeup and a gentle cleanser to cleanse your skin. This will prep your skin and provide a clean canvas for the rest of your skincare routine. Toss the makeup wipes and invest in a quality cleanser your skin will love! 

One of the many reasons I love Latika and have personally chosen to retail their products at SKINCARA, is their commitment to high-quality ingredients and products. A few of my favorite products are their geode bath bombs, milk, and honey soap, and organic face cream. 

The organic face cream and milk and honey soap have little to no scent which I look for in face and body products. I recommend steering clear of artificial fragrances in skincare and this is one reason I love these two products so much. It also doesn’t hurt they are both great for nearly all skin types and can help treat dry and dehydrated skin! 

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