We LOVE Bath Bombs!

This isn’t a secret, but here at Latika we LOVE bath bombs! This fun product helps even the most stressed out person unwind by turning their bath into a spa. Once you throw the bath bomb into your tub, it starts a dazzling display where the bomb fizzes and magically turns the water a new color(without staining your tub).  While the bath bomb dissolves into the water and works it magic, it releases nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, such as Shea butter and coconut oil. You will leave your bath feeling relaxed, refreshed and nourished. For that reason, it is no surprise that the bath bomb is one of our most popular products!

Our bath bombs come in 8 classic scents + one holiday scent! 

Lavender Bath Bomb: 

Our lavender bath bomb is a classic! The mix of lavender and clary sage soothes and relaxes your mind with its sweet, floral scent.

Guava Goji Berry Bath Bomb: 

This exotic bath bomb is perfect for when you want to treat yourself. It smells just like a sweet guave and its gold glitter will leave you glowing.

Olive Grove Bath Bomb: 

This is one of our most popular bath bombs. The Olive Grove bath bomb is sophisticated and earthy. It features notes of orchid, ylang ylang, sandalwood and patchouli.

Rosemary Mint Bath Bomb: 

The Rosemary Mint bath bomb is both savory and sophisticated.  This is perfect for when you are looking for a crisp, fresh scent that will leave you feeling squeaky clean.

Suntans + Coconuts Bath Bomb: 

For all of my friends out there who hate Fall and Winter, this is the bath bomb for you. Turn your tub into a tropical paradise with this coconut and vanilla scented escape.

Mermaid Bath Bomb: 

My personal, favorite bath bomb! The whimsical mermaid scent is a rich, sweet and fruitful, filled with notes of raspberries, plum and vanilla. Throw this into your tub to turn your water a dazzling sparkly blue color. Swim around in the water for a little bit and you feel as magical as a mermaid.

Milk and Honey Bath Bomb: 

This scent is impossible to not like. It features the subtle, but delicious aroma of milk and honey. Here at Latika, we like to say that the Milk + Honey scent is like wrapping yourself in a warm hug.

Ginger Jasmine Bath Bomb: 

This scent is the perfect mix of floral and zest! We pair the sweet scent of jasmine with the spicier ginger and a dash of citrus. We top this fun bath bomb with jojoba beads and glitter.  This bath bomb will make you feel like a queen (or king!).

Snowflake Bath Bomb: 

With the holidays just around the corner, this is the bath bomb you want to snag now! It has a woodsy, wintery scent that will remind you of a Christmas cabin. Use this bath bomb and see if you can detect the pine, fir and cedar scents.

We do get bath bomb newbies asking us all the time –how do bath bombs work? We wanted to share a short video demo of how to use our fizzy bath bombs and introduce you to the different scents. Enjoy!



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