Paris is always a good idea!

We are so excited to finally launch this soap set! We have been making French Macaron soaps since Latika started in Israel, around 4 years ago. Our Macaron soaps were always popular, and we love them! A few months ago, we decided to try and make a new Macaron mold, we wanted a more realistic, […]

Cookie cutter soap DIY

This DIY soap tutorial is perfect as a small gift for Mother’s day, but also makes a fun Handmade wedding favor. Making these soaps is a lot of fun and very easy. Join us for a step by step tutorial – and make a beautiful soap gift! Materials: Microwave – To melt the soap Glycerin soap base– Clear or white […]

What is glycerin soap

We create our bars and designed soaps using glycerin soap base. The reason we use glycerin soap and not cold process soap for our designed collection,is primarily because glycerin soap easily takes the shape of our designs. It has a beautiful texture and color that allows us to create a variety of shapes and designs.But, […]

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