The story behind Black Hatchet™

6 years ago, my wife Mazzi and I started Latika, our brand of higher-end, natural, cruelty-free, handmade bath and body products. The idea behind Black Hatchet grew when we realized how few high-quality body care lines were offered to men. As a guy, I wanted to have a bar soap that was big, would last a […]

What’s the deal with activated charcoal benefits?

Organic Activated Charcoal Soaps

Pure activated charcoal from organic bamboo can literally pull out toxins and impurities from your pores making them cleaner and fresh from within. Charcoal is so much more than just fuel for barbecue grills – it’s one of the most versatile naturally occurring mineral packed with benefits. We use the activated form of bamboo charcoal […]

My Big Stupid Stress-Relief Failure

inhale exhale

Greetings from Ariel Clary, the new Latika Writer! You may be seeing emails from me pop up in your inbox. I recently sent an email containing stress-relief hacks, but I wanted to make a blog discussing them in detail. In our day and age, we run on anxiety. You may not realize it, but this […]

Exploring what’s Inside Olive Oil

  Introduction to Olive Oil and its Benefits Olive oil or ‘liquid gold’, as coined by the ancients, is used since centuries by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans because of its skin moisturizing and anti-ageing properties. A fundamental ingredient in most organic skin care and beauty products, olive oil is rich invitamin A, vitamin […]

Vintage Soap Dish Obsession

As a soap maker, I think there is nothing that better compliments a good bar of soap then a beautiful soap dish. I collect pretty soap dishes ever since I started making my soaps, and I always have an excuse to buy more (“we need them for a photo shoot”..) Check out these beautiful dishes […]

Case study – The Hope Soap

The Hope Soap was designed for the 10 year anniversery of a San Diego Law firm specializing in immegration law. To convey the message of hope that was selected as the theme of the party, we designed a unique gift; a natural bar of soap, scented and colored with flowers and packaged with seed paper […]

Case Study – Interior designer gift

Noa Noa Design Solutions is a talented interior designer from Austin, Texas.   Her designs are very personal as she works closely with her customers to find the best solutions for them. “Organization is personal and individual. No two people have the same organizing needs or style. We approach each client with fresh eyes and […]

Castor Seed Oil

   Castor oil is famous in the beauty industry because of its skin healing anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. Here at Latika, we use natural castor seed oil in a variety of our products because of the benefits it offers for long term skin health. Take a look at a detailed overview of the […]

DIY Rainbow soap

This sweet rainbow in a cloud looks very impressive but it is actually very easy to make! This is a two parts project and requires medium skills and some experience in soap making. Still- i recommend trying even if it is your first time making soaps! As always, please feel free to ask us questions […]

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