5 Bathroom accessories we absolutely love

 There are many ways to perk up the room we believe is the most important room in the house.

I’m talking about your bathroom of course. I think it should be treated as a sanctuary. A place for you to take the time you need for yourself, alone. To relax and get ready for whatever the day is about to bring. 

 Photo source: www.planete-deco.fr

You can achieve a very relaxing bathroom by accessorizing it with a few simple and cozy items that will add warmth, style and be functional at the same time.

Here are my top 5 accessories for a relaxing bath:


A ladder as a towel rack

I love the laid back style of an old ladder just leaning on the wall. You could get a vintage wooden ladder or a new industrial one. They all work wonders for styling your bathroom.Photo source: style-files.com    See my Pinterest Ladder collection

As much as I love beautiful ladders, they could get pretty pricy or hard to find, In which case a DIY version is a great way to get that beautiful cozy look without spending a fortune. That’s what I did for my own bath room. We also secured the ladder to the wall to make it sturdier.
Find a DIY ladder tutorial right here: Link
Beautiful natural hamper for laundry

If there is a room in the house that makes the most laundry it is the bathroom. Which is why it deserves a beautiful laundry basket. I love the natural look of hampers like this one from Remodelista’s store:

Woven Hamper by: Brook Farm General Store, buy online at Remodelista


Soap dish

Your soap needs a place to sit while it waits for you to use it 😉 also, to keep the soap usable for a longer time, make sure you place it on a soap dish that has draining holes, to allow it to dry between uses. There are so many cool, cute and lovely soap dishes out there, its hard to choose. I love this one by West elm:

Wire soap dish by West elm
And here is my Pinterest collection of soap dishes I think are awesome: Link

Super soft rug

The fuzzy rug will feel like stepping on a cloud and complete the relaxation process whenever you take a bath, shower or just get ready for the day.
Here is a lovely rug from Frontgate: 

 Belize Memory Foam Bath Rug from Frontgate
Green plants
Photo from etc-alltherest.blogspot.com
I think this is genius. If your bathroom has lots of light coming in and it is possible for you to keep some plants in there- I say go for it! I love the natural feeling plants bring with them. A little green goes a long way when it comes to making your day a little brighter.

Below are a few plants that do very well in a bathroom environment according to gardeningknowhow.com:

Read more about bathroom plants here: Link
Plus this great article about bathroom plants: Link
Photo from homedit.com
 All the photos in this post are pinned to Pinterest collections: A perfect bath, Ladder and Soap dish
Where you can see more lovely ideas and inspiration for the most relaxing and fun bath ever!
I hope you enjoyed this collection!
Please share your own ideas on how to cozy up your bathroom.
 ❤ Mazzi

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